Community Involvement

At Johnny on the Spot, we believe in giving back to our communities and are committed to the well-being of the environment. For over three decades, we have been committed to acting on the needs of the community by donating time, money and porta potties.

Giving Back to the Community

The JOTS team proudly volunteers their time and contributes to dozens of local, state, national and international non-profit organizations. Our staff and management are committed to making the world a better place in every facet possible through community involvement, education and awareness.


World Portable Sanitation Day on November 19 is an annual campaign to raise awareness and promote change by engaging people all over the world in expanding access to sustainable sanitation.

Learn more about portable sanitation’s impact on the world.

As an active member of various trade associations, Johnny on the Spot continually donates time and money to scholarships and other fundraising efforts that help individuals and families throughout the community.

A few of our sponsorships include:

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“Greener” Demeanor – Past, Present, and Future

Social responsibility has been, and remains, a top priority for Johnny on the Spot in all aspects of our restroom rental operations. Providing portable outdoor toilets is, in itself, a practice of protecting the environment, as proper bathroom facilities guard against ground water pollution.

Johnny on the Spot is dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly sanitation services to all of our customers by embracing the following practices and products:

  • Low-Emission service Vehicles (LEV)
  • Non-hazardous sanitation chemicals
  • Biodegradable deodorizing chemicals and graffiti removers
  • Innovative paper reduction systems
  • Recycled toilet paper
  • Motion sensor technology faucets
  • Water-efficient bathrooms and waterless urinals

JOTS Association Memberships: