Barricade Fencing for Events and Festivals

Organizing events and festivals requires a lot of planning and you do not want to forget about the essentials. Barricade fencing is a necessity for any events or festivals that is expected to have large crowds to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently... Read More

Restroom Trailers for Large Events in NJ, NY & PA

Outdoor events such as weddings, graduation parties, festivals, concerts, outdoor bars, sporting events and more are often largely attended affairs, as the venues can accommodate a greater number of people creating a need for Luxury Restroom Trailers.... Read More

Guide on Bathroom Rentals for Outdoor Weddings

Reposted from Link: “The Dirt on Bathroom Rentals for Outdoor Weddings” by Jennifer Tzeses Everything related to a wedding is so elegant, so refined, so proper that well, even the mention of a toilet sounds like potty mouth. But... Read More

Wedding Restroom Event Rentals 2016

A Luxury Restroom Trailer is regarded as more hygienic for this purpose and will pass inspection for food handlers with running hot water. For those looking to impress guests with elegant interior designs and all of the same amenities you would find... Read More

Race Porta Potty & Fence Rentals

5k races have proliferated throughout the United States in the last two decades. Whether it’s to commemorate a holiday, serve as a fundraiser, or simply stand as a community event, there is no doubt that the 5k has grown in popularity. The appeal of... Read More

Event Planner Restroom Trailer Guide by Johnny on the Spot

Outdoor gatherings such as weddings are often largely attended affairs, as the venues can accommodate a greater number of people as an Event Planner would know. A large turnout often spells success, especially if the event is for a fund-raising purpose.... Read More

Protecting Construction Sites with Temporary Fencing

Are you a contractor in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut who is worried about the security of your construction site?  Now that the home construction market has picked back up, you may be receiving more work than you can handle and are... Read More

Johnny on the Spot Facts

Johnny on the Spot has been a temporary bathroom and portable restroom industry leader since 1970. Our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction has allowed us to become one of the most professional portable restroom providers throughout all of NJ, NY,... Read More

Bundle Advantages for Portapotty and Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing makes it possible to give your NJ, NY, PA or CT construction site safety and security at a low cost. Johnny on the Spot has a variety of options, with different sizes and rental terms to suit any business requirement. You can also take... Read More

Parks and Recreation Seasonal Portapotty Rentals

 The outdoor athletic season is upon us in towns and Parks and Recreation offices across the country, including the towns and groups Johnny on the Spot services daily in New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA) and Connecticut (CT).  Johnny... Read More

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