Toilet Exhibit Opens in Japan

August 21st, 2014

There’s a new exhibit in Tokyo, Japan that features a giant toilet and slide that allows kids to learn about sanitation while having fun. It’s called ‘Toilet!? Human Waste and Earth’s Future’ is attempting to draw attention to the 2.5 billion people on planet Earth who don’t have access to clean water and toilets.

It’s definitely a noble cause and important issue, but the folks at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation know how to get people to come out. By making it exciting, fun and pretty silly, the turnout has been great. We think It’s great to see people so enthusiastic about toilets!

In Japan, where hi-tech toilets are all the rage, kids learn about how the sewage system really works by becoming a part of it. They can climb into the giant toilet and flush themselves through a human-sized version of a septic system. It’s fun, educational and is all about the toilet, which we of course love. At this exhibit (it’s actually more of a ride), children and adults alike take on the life of a piece of poo. It sounds gross, but it’s getting pretty popular.

People wear poo-shaped hats before the big flush and slide to experience what it would be like to be a piece of poo. It’s a weird way to spend and afternoon but the exhibit is intended to spread awareness about sewage, health and waste education. They got that part right anyway!

At Johnny On The Spot, we excel at keeping it clean. Environmentally friendly is the name of the game and we are winning thanks to technology like solar powered porta potty lights. We also offer wastewater holding tanks at Johnny On The Spot in case you don’t have access to a sewer.

Also check out our portable water systems for field office trailers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. They offer a convenient alternative when you don’t have access to a sewer hookup. It’s like having indoor plumbing! Your employees will be much happier with our portable water systems.

The exhibit also features goofy antics like singing toilets who thank you once flushed. “You too can be feces” says one sign hanging in the museum.

The exhibit will be open until October if you’re thinking about heading to Tokyo anytime soon. But until then, check out what Johnny On The Spot has to offer! We’re definitely cheaper than a flight across the pacific.

Tokyo may have a poo slide, but you’ve got Johnny On The Spot.

Golden Luxury Porta Potty Unveiled at Music Fest

August 20th, 2014

The most decadent porta potty of all time will be unveiled at Austin City Limits, a popular music festival in Austin, Texas this October, according to

The porta potty is made of 25 carat gold and keeps you comfortable and cool thanks to its fully equipped air conditioning.

That’s nice. But does it have solar-powered lights? Johnny On The Spot has you covered thanks to our beautiful celebrity restroom.

The overly indulgent Austin City Limits golden porta potty does come equipped with a golden chandelier that was “turned down by the palace of Versailles for being too lavash.” But does it greet you the way our celebrity restroom does with flowers and a welcome mat? We didn’t think so.

We also didn’t hear this golden porta potty say anything about superior ventilation and a perfumed fragrance to minimize odor. Not to mention magazine racks, coat hooks and a foot pump sink. Now that’s luxury.

You can take your imported Egyptian toilet paper and shove it up your … wait, never mind.

Our luxury porta potties are in fact the height of toilet technology, and you don’t have to go all the way to Texas just to use it. We have everything you could possibly want at reasonable prices. No golden chandeliers, but we think you’ll do ok without that added indulgence.

In addition to our celebrity restroom, we also have luxury restroom trailers to suit your every need and keep you comfortable. These trailers come in four series: Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and A.D.A. accessible.

If you’re interested in learning more about our trailers, click here. You can even take a virtual tour inside each model!

Only six people, winners of an Austin City Limits contest, will actually get the chance to use the golden toilet. But our toilets are available to anyone. We don’t discriminate. If you’d like to talk to us about our luxury mobile toilet facilities let us know today at 1-800-491-5687!

But in the event you do win the golden porta potty contest, we won’t be mad at you if you decide to give it a try. Go enjoy yourself in Texas, but we'll be waiting for you with superior toilet technology.

Canadian City Thrilled with Porta Potties

August 19th, 2014

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

We’ve all been there, whether we want to admit it or not. You’re out and about with some friends or family and you’ve hydrated just a little too much. You look around for your best option and there are no bathrooms or porta potties in sight. What do you do? You know what comes next, and it’s something that every city, little or big has to deal with.

One Canadian city in particular is having particular difficulty dealing with public urination. Guelph, Ontario was the sight of 280 public urination complaints in 2012, according to police as reported in an article from The story claims that the city’s police force spend around 64 hours a year dealing with public urination complaints.

That sounds like a lot to deal with. If only there were a solution so that police could deal with more serious crimes and normally innocent citizens would not be forced to take such desperate measures like committing a crime out of necessity. You know where this is going, and so did the police in Guelph: they went the way of the porta potty, and the results were fantastic as you would imagine.

"You look at the reduced time on policing, reduced time on bylaw, the reduced time on city works to clean up public fouling, and also the impact on the business or commercial owner who doesn't have to clean their windows," Guelph police chief Bryan Larkin told "In my view, (it's) money well spent upfront to see what the outcome is."

Money well spent, indeed.

In order to avoid situations like this one our neighbors to the north had to deal with, always go with Johnny On The Spot. We have portable restrooms for every occasion, whether you’re in construction, throwing a party or making it easier for your citizens to have a night out on the town like in Guelph.

Try our standard restroom for your every need!

Back in Guelph, Ontario they’re already seeing the progress that can be made with porta potties in a very short time.

"From our perspective, we think there's value in not having to issue as many violations. We see the success rate. We've seen when we introduced the porta potties we're seeing some return on our investment," Larkin said.

If your town is in need of porta potties in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania let us know today!

One Woman Makes it Possible to Stand Up in Porta-Potties

August 18th, 2014

Porta-potties might not always have the best reputation, especially when it comes the the female population. (Unless of course you’re talking about the superior product provided by Johnny On The Spot!) -- But one San Francisco woman is looking to change the conversation when it comes to portable bathroom use for the good of womankind.

Sara Grossman is getting women to stand up to porta-potty inequality with a unique invention aptly called Stand Up.
"As you can see, it's a small, cute, little triangle, which is why it's an accessory," Grossman said in an article from "It directs the urine perfectly into the toilet. So you put this up against your body and then the urine comes out here and goes straight in."

We'd imagine that not everyone would prefer this invention as an alternative to sitting. As if to prove this, spoke to some women about how they feel about this new bathroom “accessory.” While some saw the utility of Stand Up, others were not as thrilled at the prospect of using it.

In preparation for Outside Lands, a music festival in San Francisco that took place earlier this month, samples were passed out to give it a shot. The product itself is small (about 4.5 inches tall), pink and opens up for easy access in conjunction with any urinal. The idea is that it can come with you, be easily concealed and easily used (just once, we hope) before being thrown away. It’s also biodegradable if you’re trying to go green.

One “purse pack,” which included six individual products can be purchased at for a $6 dollar fee. To give you a better idea of why one might want to even buy something like this, the website provides suggestions like “Upgrade your bathroom experience, even if there’s no bathroom.”

It’s quite an idea from the self-proclaimed “Queen Pee,” But until that catches on, when you’re looking for a quality porta-potty experience, set your mind at ease with such products from Johnny On The Spot like the celebrity or deluxe porta-potties, equipped with flushing toilets, sinks with running water, hand towels with soap and waste baskets. You’ve gotta give it up for creativity, but until you have your own Stand Up, we know both sexes will be satisfied with the comfort offered by any porta-potty from Johnny on the Spot.

JOTS Celebrates Inaugural World Portable Sanitation Day

August 15th, 2014

Sustainable Sanitation

Johnny on the Spot, LLC (JOTS) is proud to celebrate, in conjunction with the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), the inaugural World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD), recognized on August 15th.

The goal of WPSD is to raise awareness for sustainable sanitation on a global scale and promote the benefits that portable restrooms provide to people and our environment. The awareness campaign is highlighted by several key elements including:

·         The World Health Organization estimates that 2.6 billion people (roughly a third of the world's population) lack access to adequate sanitation.
·         Portable restrooms save an estimated 125 million gallons of water daily.
·         Portable restrooms help protect natural resources from contamination.
·         Portable restrooms provide sanitation to an estimated 200 million victims of natural disasters each year, where access to existing sanitation systems have been compromised.

Johnny on the Spot is embracing World Portable Sanitation Day by sharing the benefits of portable sanitation with clients, wearing special t-shirts designed to commemorate the day and asking others to share information regarding WPSD through social media.
"World Portable Sanitation Day is a significant step in raising awareness for the sanitation accessibility issues that exist around the world," said Jesse Thompson, president of Johnny on the Spot, LLC. "The portable sanitation industry has experienced a remarkable transformation over the last 40 years with respect to equipment and efficiency. We plan to be at the forefront of this progressive movement for many years to come, in the United States and abroad."

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (A Dubin Clark Portfolio Company), headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ provides portable sanitation and temporary fencing rentals to construction, special event, seasonal, recreational and permanent location clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, top-quality rental products, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, reliable service from tenured technicians, and innovative rental equipment, JOTS has established itself as an industry and community leader. To learn more about JOTS, please visit

Portable Sanitation Day Spreads Awareness

August 7th, 2014

World Portable Sanitation Day: An Overview

According to the World Health Organization, also known as WHO, over two and a half billion individuals are without appropriate sanitation on a global scale - that’s a whopping one third of the entire population of Earth. (This number does not include the millions of people who are deprived of proper sanitation due to disasters and other catastrophic events.) But an ongoing campaign called World Portable Sanitation Day was started on Aug. 15 with the intention of raising global awareness about sanitation issues in an attempt to promote positive change. Diseases run rampant due to a lack of clean water and poor sanitation conditions throughout the world. It’s time to make a change.

The Importance of Sanitation

Many people realize the importance of improving and protecting the globe we all call home. However, many do not think about it on a daily or even weekly basis. The importance of portable sanitation is hardly a common topic at the office (we think it should be). Providing portable sanitation is a matter of restoring a sense of personal dignity in those who do not have access to the sanitation that every human being deserves. If given the chance, would you allow a child to go unprotected from foul water sources? Deadly disease will remain more difficult to control in certain parts of the world should the sanitation issue remain unnoticed. In order to fully understand the importance of sanitation, you must first understand that sanitation is a vital aspect of your own personal health, financial well being, and safety.

An Understanding

Still not convinced that sanitation is important? Consider the example of Hurricane Sandy and other devastating world events that have taken place recently. Can you imagine being a local resident in an area without better means to take care of sanitary needs? Thanks to Johnny On The Spot, residents of NJ, NY and PA have someone to turn to in difficult times. Portable restrooms during Hurricane Sandy allowed individuals to have a sanitary safe zone and effectively cut off the spread of waterborne disease throughout the area. Without the sanitation we’re all so used to, we would have to deal with major health concerns on a daily basis. But in the event of worst-case-scenarios like this one, Johnny On The Spot has you covered.

Get Involved

One of the most effective things you can do to get involved with sanitarian concerns can be summed up in a single word: publicity. In order to make a positive change in the world we live in, more people need to know about the need for public sanitation. As the saying goes, there’s power in numbers. If you want to make a difference, begin educating your coworkers, family and friends about the real statistics of global sanitation crisis. Spread the word. Challenge yourself to educate others about sanitary needs, and team up with others in your community to make a difference.

There’s no better time than Portable Sanitation Day to spark a change in the world.

Porta Potty Stars: 3 Must-See Videos

August 4th, 2014

Porta Potty Stars: 3 Must-See Videos

Everyone knows that a good portable toilet can steal the show sometimes. Okay, well, maybe not everyone. If you are found in the latter category, it is your lucky day. We have compiled three very funny videos that star the one and only porta potty. Take a look at the descriptions below to see if you find any of the following videos of interest. Click the titles, sit back and enjoy.

Rapper Action Bronson Performs in Porta-Potty

We have all experienced having to go to the bathroom at the worst possible moments. You are about to walk into an interview and realize that those 27 ounces of water just hit your bladder. You are about to step on a roller coaster and suddenly feel “the need.” You get the idea! One performer at the 2014 Ottawa Bluesfest experienced the ultimate human experience during the middle of his rap song. What does a rapper do when things get dire? He keeps rapping and takes care of his business without missing a beat. Take a look at this hilarious video in which a rapper carries out his emergency plan with elegance that you just have to admire, considering the circumstances!

Porta Potty Pranks

Potty pranks are the guilty pleasure of many (admit it, you think they are funny). If you enjoy watching people get terrified while on portable toilets (and who wouldn’t?), you should check out this compilation of 13 porta potty pranks. You will probably enjoy it more than you thought you would. Besides, watching a video starring a bunch of porta potties is one of the better ideas you’ve had in a long time.

A Runaway Porta Potty

We can only hope that no one was inside this porta potty when it took off during freakishly high winds. If you’d like to see a port potty with a mind of its own then this one is for you.

There you go! three funny porta potty videos to fill you with joy.

Tips for finding the Best Portable Toilet Available

July 29th, 2014

Every single one of us has had to use a porta potty at some time or another. Even though a person may not plan to use a portable toilet again, the key is to find and use the best portable toilet available. It does not matter if a person owns a house with eight bathrooms or zero bathrooms because when that person is out of the house and needs to use a toilet he or she will. Recently studies have been conducted in order to determine which portable toilets are the best portable toilets to use. These studies have been interpreted into a list of tips and tricks, which makes an experience that is typically dreaded, bearable.

Studies have shown the best portable toilets are the furthest away from the majority of people. This is because the studies have discovered the average person would rather visit the portable toilet, which is closest to them. As a result, the best portable toilets have the smallest amount of bacteria and germs present within and surrounding the portable toilet. This means that the bathroom that is relatively far away is the cleanest. Taking the additional few seconds to walk a little further can help to ensure your bathroom experience is a bit more sanitary.

This study also suggests that each person should bring his or her own toilet paper. The reason this is because there is sometimes a large amount of people and if that is the case, it is quite possible that the toilet paper could run out. However if anyone runs into a Johnny On The Spot portable toilet, it is safe to assume that the portable toilet is very well maintained. This is because Johnny On The Spot is known as one the industry preferred company that takes the time to maintain each of their portable toilets on a regular basis. This makes these portable toilets some of the best portable toilets on the streets today.

Another reason Johnny On The Spot provides some of the best portable toilets is because free hand sanitizer is provided with every portable toilet. In addition, soap dispensers may be provided with an attached sink that is operated by a foot pump.  Typically, with other portable toilet companies, these supplies may run out quickly, forcing the public to either do without, or use their own hand sanitizer. However, bathrooms maintained by Johnny On The Spot have a significantly lower chance of running out of much needed supplies during your event.

The best portable toilets minimize unpleasant odors because each restroom’s floor, wall and pipe vents are constructed to provide maximum ventilation. In addition, an interior latch and an exterior occupancy indicator protect any user’s privacy. Also, accidental injuries can be prevented with Johnny On The Spot’s restrooms' anti-slip floors and smooth, sharp-edge free exterior design.

Johnny On The Spot should be your first choice for when looking for the best portable toilets available. If you are out and about, and need to carry-out your business, the best decision you could make is to seek out a Johnny On The Spot portable toilet.

Portable Restroom Design – Bathrooms are Changing

July 28th, 2014

The concept of a “porta potty” may soon be a thing of the past. You no longer have to suffer through the choice of using the questionable outdoor bathroom provided at an event or worksite and holding it in until you can find a better solution. The world of portable restroom design is better, cleaner, and more efficient and the concepts are becoming more innovative every day. For instance, take a look at this idea of an expandable portable restroom created by a college student in Ontario. This innovation provides portability as well as comfort and it’s not the only one!

Every Occasion Made More Comfortable

Whether you’re looking for a portable restroom design solution for your work site or you need a portable restroom for your next outdoor event, there is something creative and comfortable for you and it can make each occasion more comfortable for everyone involved.

  • Your employees will thank you for providing clean and pleasant working environment and for including a portable restroom that positively contributes to the workplace.
  • An outdoor event poses a difficult issue of where people will go when they need a restroom. Your guests have to choose between using facilities that the venue provides (which are often less than adequate) and finding an alternative that is very uncomfortable. Today's portable restrooms solve this issue easily.
  • The industry is making strides in elegance and efficiency for portable restroom design options, so that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics because of your budget.
  • The stigma of the portable restroom being worse than a public restroom is no longer relevant. With Johnny on the Spot, you can find a portable restroom design to fit even the most dignified affair.
  • There are options available to work with any guest list. You can now find portable restroom design choices that are complete with a hand wash sink, baby changing stations, even options for handicapped accessible restrooms.
  • Your guests will be impressed with the foresight and creativity that you show them when you use a portable restroom that looks and feels like the kind of restroom they’d typically find at a luxury establishment.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider using one of today’s many portable restroom design solutions. Throw away what you know and start looking at what’s really out there in today’s world of modern porta potties.

Do Your Research

There are so many options out there for you to choose from when it comes to the portable restroom for your next occasion or for a work site. Research what options you have and what functionality you need, and then make an educated decision about what is best for you and your event. Your budget and the event or work site that you are equipping are all factors to consider while making this decision. Talk to the professionals at Johnny on the Spot to find out about the large variety of quality, affordable options offered. Visit their website and fill out a contact form for more information today.

Prevent vandalism with Lookout Guard Station

July 24th, 2014

Recently a medium-sized family-owned manufacturing building was vandalized. Their outdoor facade was covered with inappropriate graffiti, thus damaging the entire image that company had been trying to convey to the neighborhood for years. Due to the cost of power washing and time wasted after the matter, the vandalism resulted in costing the company a large sum of money that prevented them from investing in new equipment.

This situation could have easily been prevented with the installation of a lookout guard station. To clarify, a lookout guard station enables security personnel to receive the luxuries of a permanent guard building at a fraction of the cost. Jobsite security is now an overwhelming concern among manufacturing professionals who can undergo monumental costs and setbacks due to tool, material, and vehicle theft and vandalism. Vandalism can occur due anger or envy, or to spontaneous, opportunistic behavior, or simple teenage pranks.  Regardless, it is important to take action and invest in a lookout guard station before unexpected costs become a reality.

Johnny On The Spot features very attractive lookout guard stations that are perfect for parking booths and securing its surrounding area. These lookout guard stations each have access to a moisture tight portal for extension cord use. This helps control the climate outside the station because of the heating and cooling units that can easily be equipped. These lookout guard stations can be quickly delivered to ensure any company that is concerned about security can be put at ease at immediately. Johnny On The Spot takes pride in their promise to guarantee satisfaction. Their tenured professional staff members, receive incentives only for perfect service, which ensures that every customers’ needs are met courteously and efficiently.

Prevention is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to ensure that company is well protected.

In some industries, lookout guard stations or lookout guard booths are known as guard shacks. Whether described as a guard shack, lookout guard station, or security guard booth, Johnny On The Spot provides a ready-made solution for your safety shelter problem.

The Porta Potty Rentals Prevent an Awkward Moment

July 24th, 2014

When people are in a rush and need to go about their business in their local restroom there is a fear that can paralyze anyone. I am talking about when a person such as yourself needs to go about your business and there is a shortage of toilet paper in the bathroom. You may look around and call for assistance. However if no one is using the bathroom at the same exact time as yourself then you may be in some serious trouble. One way to avoid such miserable circumstances is to use a Johnny On The Spot porta potty rental.

Their deluxe porta potty rentals are also full of additional features such as:

  • Flushing toilets,
  • sinks with running water
  • hand towels with soap and
  • waste paper baskets

Johnny On The Spot routinely cleans and manages their porta potty rental in order to provide each user with an enjoyable and worry-free experience. As a result of Johnny On The Spot’s effective management abilities, any patron of their wonderful porta potty rental will never have the worry about not having toilet paper.

Having the knowledge that any Johnny On The Spot porta potty rental will be cleaned and fully stocked with toilet paper gives people a much-needed peace of mind. Something that people had normally thought of as an uninviting experience, has now become a blessing for the people that have once experience what we all dread (a lack of toilet paper).  Having fully stocked portable restrooms allows people to focus on the more important parts of their day, instead of their past bathroom woes.

At Johnny On The Spot they want not only each one of their customers to enjoy the porta potty rental, but they want their guests to as well. Johnny On The Spot has experience-providing people from the NJ, NY and PA area with excellent porta potty rentals that are known for exceeding expectations. They are a proud leader of portable sanitation and use their experience to make sure great workers make sure to help every customer. They will work hard to help those that represent them.

Renting Portable Bathrooms: Baby Changing Stations and Family Bathrooms

July 21st, 2014

When planning an event, there are so many details to consider that important accessibility issues may frequently get overlooked. Renting portable bathrooms is generally a fairly simple and straightforward process, but a traditional porta potty may not meet all of your guests or attendees requirements.

Parents with babies or small children will also require a space to go to the bathroom. At many events and outdoor locations, mothers are left with no other option but to change their babies’ diapers on the ground, surrounded by strangers and onlookers. Or they are forced to cram into a standard-sized porta potty with their toddler to help them use the toilet.

Not only is this uncomfortable for the parent and child, but it is unsanitary and represents a major invasion of the family’s privacy. In addition, onlookers and other event attendees have no desire to have their event interrupted by naked, screaming children, or even worse, being forced to see or smell dirty and wet diapers.

Providing a safe, clean space for families to use the bathroom is in the best interests of all of your event-goers. If you are looking for a porta potty rental in NJ, Johnny on the Spot offers multiple bathroom options for even your smallest guest. Make sure your event is fully accessible by ordering a baby changing station along with your normal porta potty rental order. The baby changing station will come with a fold down table at waist-height in order to provide an easy, comfortable location for caregivers to change their baby’s diaper. Furthermore, the station will also provide a foot pump sink with soap, paper towels and trash disposal to keep parents and babies clean and safe.

In addition to a portable baby changing station, ensuring that approximately 20% of your portable bathroom rental order is ADA-compliant will help to provide adequate space for family bathrooms. Not only will the roomier ADA-compliant porta potties deliver bathroom access to your handicapped visitors, but they will serve as a family bathroom for your event. Parents can comfortably accommodate their small child or toddler into the bathroom to help them use the facility, without worrying about space or hygiene.

Hurricane Sandy Victims and Emergency Personnel Rely on Johnny On The Spot’s Best Portable Toilets during the Disaster Relief in NJ, PA and NY.

July 21st, 2014

It was reported that Johnny On The Spot was serving the needs around the clock for the various families that were in need of assistance. Their commitment to the communities throughout the NJ, PA and NY area continue an emblematic indicator of the way they conduct business.

In late November 2012, the super storm Hurricane sandy drove families out of their homes, destroyed infrastructure, and forced emergency teams to quickly come to the aid of the cities, businesses and residents soon afterwards.   Johnny On The Spot answered the call by providing the Best Portable Toilet options available, as well as, restroom trailers, shower trailers, temporary fencing and waste/storm water management.  After hours of serving, their communities began to find a sense of reassurance as almost every request went fulfilled.

It started after Hurricane Sandy hit shore with requests for storm-water management systems and the Best Portable Toilets that Johnny On The Spot had to offer.  The township and county offices of emergency management, United States National Guard and various other aid groups, including Johnny On The Spot, worked vigorously around the clock to provide disaster relief services.  Over the course of two weeks, Johnny On The Spot had dispatched 600 work orders. Johnny On The Spot provided those who had become victims of Sandy’s destructive path a little comfort.

The comfort of being able to use the Best Portable Toilets, something some people will typically view as undesirable, suddenly was a blessing for the people that were forced from their homes. In addition, small businesses were able to stay open because of Johnny On The Spot, even after the storm caused restrictions of water and sewer usage. Bringing in portable restrooms allowed such businesses to remain open. Their portable restrooms have many features, but a few to note that were a huge benefit, were the free hand sanitizers provided in each restroom, the ventilation built into the floor, wall, and pipe vents, which provide maximum ventilation to minimize odors and an optional heavy duty crane for safe transportation to hurricane torn sites.

During the rebuilding phase of various businesses and homes, Johnny On The Spot was able to provide their Best Portable Toilets & temporary fencing with reliable service to the construction industry too. Johnny On The Spot, Inc. (JOTS) began in 1957 with septic pumping, and added portable sanitation units in 1970. Since that time, “The JOTS Difference” has allowed them to distribute the Best Portable Toilets within the tri-state area. At Johnny On The Spot having each one of their customers receive the Best Portable Toilets is one of their specialties. They have experience providing job-site restroom rentals, commercial bathroom rental and temporary toilets for construction sites and permanent locations to the NJ, NY and PA area. They are proud leader in the portable sanitation industry. It has been their experience that great workers make sure to help every customer. They will work hard to help those that represent us.

How Many Porta Potty Rentals Are Necessary?

July 17th, 2014

People must ask each other a number of questions before they are certain about how many porta potty rentals are appropriate for their event or work project. There are specifically five questions that if answered incorrectly, could have a major impact on the success of the event or work project. If an event does not have the appropriate number of porta potty rentals, long lines can ensue, causing guests to waste their time waiting to relieve themselves, rather than enjoying the event. Also, during a work-project, employees may waste more time and money because they are waiting in line rather than working.

When people call for portable toilets or temporary restrooms, one of the first questions we get is – how many portable toilets for my event or work project will I need? There are several factors that need to be considered:

How many attendees do you expect?

It is important to perform an estimate about the number of guests that will attend during the upcoming event. Ifyour are trying to estimate how many porta potty rentals you need for a work site or event to order, the appropriate measure is by employees.

How long will the event last?

In addition to the quantity of potential bathroom goers, the total length of time of event is also a significant factor. Every two hours of event time may require additional porta potty rentals

Will alcohol be served at an event?

If alcohol is being served then it is important to note that people typically tend to find the need to relieve themselves more often. As a result, additional porta potty rentals may need to be placed at the event.

What level of physical activity is involved?

When there is a high level of activity during an event or work-site, there is a tendency for patrons and employees to drink more liquids. This consumption of liquid causes each group to find the need to relieve them more often. This will result in more activity at porta potties, thus requiring people to rent more porta potties to avoid long lines.

Are 50% or more of the guests women?

If 50% or more of your guest or workers women it is suggested to add an additional facility.

At Johnny On The Spot porta potty rentals is one of their specialties. They provide job-site restroom rentals, commercial bathroom rental and temporary toilets for construction sites and permanent locations to the NJ, NY and PA area. They are committed to being the best firm to work for in the portable sanitation industry. It has been their experience that great workers make sure to help every customer. They will work hard to help those that represent us.

Renting Portable Bathrooms at a College Graduation Party

July 10th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

I attended a university that was located about six and a half hours away from my hometown in New Jersey. I had graduated from college last year and similar to rest of my undergraduate classmates, I decided to host a college graduation party back in my hometown. Friends and family of mine travelled from throughout the country to visit me for my graduation party. Nearly 300 people attended my graduation party and I knew my four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house would not be able to cater my guests properly. I figured the next reasonable step to take considering I did not want everyone waiting in line for one of the few bathrooms in my house, was renting portable bathrooms.

When renting portable bathrooms., I decided that I would review various portable bathroom companies. After further review, I soon knew which company would be right for me. This is especially true after I had spoken to a friend of mine who had used the company Johnny On The Spot and only had compliments to say. My friend said that your company was known for renting portable bathrooms that felt as if they should be permanent addition to the house. When I contacted Johnny On The Spot your staff was very personable and had a variety of portable restrooms to choose from. I decided to rent three portable toilets. These portable restrooms were called the celebrity restrooms. These restrooms had flushing toilets, foot pump sinks, soap, mirrors, hand towels, solar lights and even a magazine rack. The process of renting portable bathrooms with Johnny On The Spot became effortless and clear-cut.   I cannot thank you guys enough for all of the hard work you people had put forth.

Renting portable bathrooms actually ended up to becoming the easiest part of the entire party planning process. The invitations were the hardest in case you were wondering. Finally, when the party had begun everything was running smoothly, people were chatting, drinks were served and the food was divine. It was all going so well that the party actually extended two hours more than expected. The portable restrooms continued to work without any problems. Everything was operating like clockwork, it seemed like no one would ever leave. My parents said that they were surprised at how well the guests had responded to the portable restroom. Even some of our more “tense” family members did not feel the need to go inside to use the other restrooms.

At the end of the day, I cannot thank you people enough at Johnny On The Spot, for providing exceptional service and product. My friends are always talking about how fun my graduation party was and I have to give partial credit to where it is due. I know of friend of mine who is a manager at a construction site and I have already recommended to him that Johnny On The Spot should be the sole provider of whenever they are renting portable bathrooms.