Temporary Fencing for Oktoberfest, Beer Gardens and Other Outdoor Events

September 18th, 2014

It’s getting close to that special autumn holiday. No, we’re not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving. We’re talking about Oktoberfest.

Even though the traditional German holiday is called Oktoberfest, it actually begins in September. So, if you’re in charge of organizing a special event for the holiday, don’t delay your preparations. Temporary Fencing from Johnny On The Spot can be a huge help to you and your business.

Beer gardens have become increasingly popular (as has celebrating Oktoberfest) in the United States. But, while these outdoor beer venues are enjoyable, they can make crowd control quite difficult. While you might want to increase staff and security, Temporary Fencing can actually help your current staff keep control and limit liabilities. Crowd control is extremely important when it comes to serving alcohol, especially during large events.

In addition to Temporary Fencing, Johnny On The Spot also carries products like barricade fencing. Both of these products can be useful to bar and restaurant owners during Oktoberfest and other outdoor events. Each serves a specific purpose and both can also be used in conjunction with one another for the best results. If you aren’t sure what you’re going to need this Oktoberfest, ask Johnny On The Spot to help! We will send one of our representatives to your place of business for a free consultation to help advise you on the best solution for your Temporary Fencing needs.

Our Temporary Fencing comes in 6X10 or 8X10 panels, depending on what you are looking for. We can also provide sand bags, privacy screens and gates for any kind of outdoor event.

Fun Fact

Did you know Oktoberfest has been celebrated since 1810? The festival celebrates the marriage of King Ludwig I and Therese Saxe-Hildburghausen. Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated for 17 or 18 days (depending on the year) and ends on October 1st or 2nd. Around 7 million liters of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest each year in Munich alone.

That’s a lot of beer. You probably won’t be serving nearly as much beer at your Oktoberfest event, but your outdoor beer garden could always benefit from some additional restrooms for patrons.

In addition to Temporary Fencing and barricade fencing, you might also want to look at the portable restrooms offered by Johnny On The Spot. We have several solutions for sanitation at large outdoor events, including Standard Restrooms, Celebrity Restrooms, Luxury Restroom Trailers and Deluxe Restrooms. Each of these products would work well in any beer garden this fall. If you’re still not sure, don’t forget to ask one of our representatives to help you decide what would work best.

If you would like to find out more about Johnny On The Spot and our products, contact us for your next outdoor event here, or call 1-800-491-5687.

Portable Restroom Rentals And Barricade Fencing for Large Events

September 15th, 2014

Have you ever held a large event and realized too late that you had forgotten or underestimated one of the most essential services for your attendees? If you’ve made this mistake before then you may already know we’re talking about portable restrooms. Providing for necessary sanitation needs is a critical, yet unglamorous task, and is often overlooked in favor of the more visible elements when planning a big event.

Johnny On The Spot will take care of the hard work of managing your portable restroom plan, so you don’t need to worry about it. You have enough on your plate as it is with all of your other event details. Just keep in mind that sufficient quality portable restrooms can affect your event’s success in a big way. Take a look at this negative review of the Made In America music festival in Los Angeles:

Public restrooms were limited the James Dean Stage-side of Grand Park, which meant there was nowhere to go if you wanted to stake your claim by the Marilyn and Dylan stages. The lone Porta-Potty stall by the first aid tent guarded by security in front of the Marilyn stage wasn’t allowed for public use. There also weren’t enough Porta-Pottys in the beer garden, which meant one heck of a line and no toilet paper by sundown. For today, find a stall and remember how to get there quick.

Planning a large event requires a coordinated effort to make sure everything gets done the right way. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our customers to make sure that everything they need has been taken care of in a timely fashion. If you’re not sure what you might require, a representative for Johnny On The Spot will come out to you and make a professional recommendation. We will help you determine the quantity of portable restrooms needed, the type, be it the standard restroom, the celebrity restroom or a luxury restroom trailer, and the ideal location(s) based on your venue.

We also provide temporary and barricade fencing for all types of outdoor events. Barricade fencing makes it easier to control long lines of people and creates a safe and organized environment for your patrons. It also ensures to organize cars and ease traffic flow in overcrowded parking lots.

If you expect a big crowd, make sure you look at both of these products. They can be the difference between a successful event and a not-so-successful one.

No matter what your event is, use Johnny On The Spot to help everything go smoothly. We’re here to help make sure you have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 1-800-491-5687 for more information about our portable restrooms.

Portaoke: The Art of Singing in a Portable Restroom

September 11th, 2014

There’s a traveling national cycling festival called the Tour De Fat and it has an attraction that we’re pretty fond of: portaoke. What is portaoke? It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s the art of singing along to classic hits while in a porta potty!

Here at Johnny On The Spot, we always like when a portable restroom gets some attention. Unfortunately, it seems like showers get all the credit for being the best place to sing. We’re hoping that portaoke catches on so that portable restrooms start getting some of the credit they deserve. (They have surprisingly good acoustics.) Give it a try next time you’re using a standard restroom from Johnny On The Spot.

The Tour De Fat is still going strong through this fall in case you were wondering how you could get in on the portaoke action.  The tour rolls through Denver, Colorado on Sept. 6 before continuing on to San Francisco, San Diego and Tempe, Arizona. If you don’t think you’ll be able to make it out to any of those cities in the near future, you’ll just have to try singing in one of our portable restrooms.

Keep in mind, you can rent Johnny On The Spot portable restrooms for any occasion. Although karaoke is not actually permitted in our portable restrooms, they are perfect for big parties and outdoor events. Celebrity Restrooms and Luxury Restroom Trailers are especially good for special events. We’ll even send someone out to give you a free consultation if you’re not quite sure what it is you’re going to need.

We also carry barricade fencing for special events, which works wonders to help keep larger events better contained while ensuring public safety. It’s perfect for crowd control at larger events like road races, carnivals and concerts.

Portable restroom singing sounds like a good time, and if you really would like to give it a go, we suggest you try belting out some tunes in our Celebrity Restroom. Just make believe you’re Kanye West or Jay-Z rapping, “Watch the Portable Throne.” Get it?

OK, that was a pretty terrible joke, but its not too farfetched considering the amenities that Johnny On The Spot Celebrity Restrooms come equipped with. Each one has a welcome mat and artificial flowers to make you feel like a VIP at any event. They come with perfumed fragrances and coat hooks to make your experience much more enjoyable.

While we do not allow doing actual karaoke in one of our portable restrooms, singing a tune to yourself is completely legitimate in our book . If you want to do real portaoke, you’ll have to catch up with the Tour De Fat. To give you an idea of what you should expect once you get there, check out this gem.

For more information on products for special events by Johnny On The Spot like Celebrity Restrooms or Luxury Restroom Trailers, call us at 1-800-491-5687.

Portable Restrooms for Back to School Events

September 9th, 2014

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting, yet challenging for not only students and parents, but also teachers and faculty. On top of the traditional workload, school administration also needs to prepare for the countless extracurricular activities, from  after-school events and pep rallies to outdoor autumn festivities and sporting events. Planning each of these events can be a lot  to deal with, and finding the right sanitation company can help make your fall planning easier. No matter the occasion, Johnny On The Spot can offer assistance in multiple areas.

Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms are one of those things that nobody notices until something goes wrong. Don’t overlook this crucial element of your back-to-school or fall events. Every outdoor event could be improved by quality, sanitary portable restrooms. When you are planning your school’s next big outdoor event, call in the experts at Johnny On The Spot to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

By choosing from the many well-appointed portable bathrooms from Johnny On The Spot, such as the Deluxe or the Celebrity, your outdoor event will be fully equipped with all of the sanitation amenities that it requires. We can even save you the need to open up the school after hours by providing complete restroom facilities.

Additionally, you can avoid extra janitorial cleanup services by taking advantage of Johnny On The Spot’s portable restrooms. Thanks to our services, school janitorial staff doesn’t have to worry about any additional messes. We’ll pick up the portable restrooms after your event is over, taking one more thing off your staff’s plate.

Barricade Fencing

Many outdoor events require some sort of temporary barricade fencing. Barricade fencing helps to keep your outdoor school events organized and maintain safety. With students running around outside it’s always nice to have a helping hand. Johnny On The Spot provides quality barricade fencing for events of all kinds and sizes.

Barricade fencing has the potential to be pretty useful. For instance, at school festivals and similar events, barricade fencing can be used to create order with neat lines. It also helps organize parking lots in case you need to section off parking for teachers, visiting schools, special guests or other employees during big events.

If you are in charge of organizing your school’s festivities, be sure to contact Johnny On The Spot. Safety is one of the most important issues facing schools today. It can be extremely tough to organize a fun event without the necessary equipment, but  a simple, smart addition like barricade fencing can greatly improve not only the safety and security of your event, but enhance students’ actual enjoyment.

Make the smart choice and call Johnny at 1-800-491-5687 for a free on-site consultation. If you’re unsure of how many portable bathrooms or how much fencing you might need, the knowledgeable employees at Johnny On The Spot will help determine exactly what your school needs and make sure your fall events are a success.

Why You Need Portable Restrooms for High School Sporting Events

September 3rd, 2014

Are you ready for some football?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The high school football season is getting set to kick off. But is your school prepared?

We’re sure that your team is going to have a successful season, and the more you win, the more people you’ll find in your bleachers for game day. The snack stand is ready to sell the soda and the Gatorade, but do you have enough portable restrooms for high school sporting events?

The last thing school officials need to deal with are upset parents or an angry fans, due to insufficient portable restrooms for high school sporting events. Your students, and their friends and family want to spend their time cheering on the home team, not waiting on line for the bathroom.  Make the game more enjoyable with one call to Johnny On The Spot for your portable restroom needs.

The Deluxe Restrooms offered by Johnny on the Spot are the perfect fit for seasonal purposes. Equipped with flushing toilets, sinks, running water, hand towels with soap and waste paper baskets, these facilities are ideal for game day usage. If your school, field or sports facility doesn’t have the necessary restrooms to accommodate fans, friends, parents and other family members, then Johnny On The Spot can help. We’ve been working with schools and parks in NJ, NY and PA for years and understand how to address all your portable bathroom and sanitation needs.

Johnny on the Spot offers the most convenient portable bathroom service around.. We’ll drive our porta potties directly to your stadium for a fast and easy delivery. Choose to leave your portable bathrooms on site all season long, or arrange pick up and drop off just for game days.

The influx of people during football season requires an additional focus on safety and crowd management, in addition to heightened bathroom needs. Don’t forget to safeguard your team and your fans with quality temporary fencing and barricade fencing.

Johnny on the Spot offers barricade fencing for events such as festivals, carnivals, parades, as well as sporting events. During games, your parking lot can get kind of crazy when fans come looking for parking. Use barricade fencing to control the chaos.

If you’re not sure exactly what type of fencing you need, or how much, have someone from Johnny On The Spot come out assess your needs. We’ll provide a free inspection and deliver your fencing as soon as possible. We have the experience to guide you through the process, from ordering to set up and take down.

If you think you and your school might benefit from portable restrooms for sporting events or barricade fencing, then give us a call today at 1-800-491-5687.

Porta Potty Pilot Program Launched in San Francisco

August 25th, 2014

Porta Potties do a lot of good in the world; we all know this to be true, especially at Johnny On The Spot. We provide top of the line portable toilets for every kind of situation. But sometimes even we take for granted the convenience of portable toilets in everyday life. Unfortunately not everyone has the resources available for convenient portable sanitation.

In one San Francisco neighborhood, the lack of public facilities for the homeless was especially noticeable. But after some complaints regarding animal, and yes human, waste issues in the neighborhood of Tenderloin in San Francisco, the city got to work on a solution. The answer they came up with is simple, but exactly what we at Johnny On The Spot would recommend for any city dealing with similar issues. Now, as part of a pilot program, the neighborhood will be supplied with porta potties to assist the homeless and keep the streets clean.

"Definitely need them, it is hard to find a place to use the restroom down here, but the past just shows us that what they are used for is doing drugs and whatever and they just don't seem to work. The concept doesn't work with the population," Tenderloin maintenance worker Mike French told ABC7News.com.

"We'll have someone there all the time whether operational. We hope that can really help. We're going to have posted rules. We know there are going to be challenges. If we have to pivot and do something differently we will. This is a pilot project for six months. We know that there are problems there and we have to do something. We cannot do nothing anymore," Public Works spokesperson Rachel Gordon said in the same article by ABC 7.

It truly is nice to hear about a plan involving porta potties coming together. Even though you might not realize it, porta potties are at the heart of your community. The next time you’re driving through your community, take a minute to look around. You’ll see porta potties without too much trouble. It’s important we don’t take portable sanitation for granted. Remind yourself how lucky we are to have porta potties available at a moment’s notice – thanks of course to companies like Johnny On The Spot.

Also, while you’re on the lookout for porta potties, don’t forget to play Spot Johnny to win a free JOTS t-shirt. Just snap a picture of one of our porta potties or temporary fencing and post it to our Facebook wall!

Don’t take your easy access to restrooms for granted! Could you imagine a world without toilets? Neither can we. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the best for our customers. We want a world where portable restrooms are an expectation, not a privilege.

For more information about our porta potties, temporary fencing or other forms of portable sanitation, click here. Contact us today if you need any of our products for construction sites, parties, formal events, concerts or any other large or small events that may benefit from JOTS products. We’re here for you and your sanitation needs!

Toilet Exhibit Opens in Japan

August 21st, 2014

There’s a new exhibit in Tokyo, Japan that features a giant toilet and slide that allows kids to learn about sanitation while having fun. It’s called ‘Toilet!? Human Waste and Earth’s Future’ is attempting to draw attention to the 2.5 billion people on planet Earth who don’t have access to clean water and toilets.

It’s definitely a noble cause and important issue, but the folks at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation know how to get people to come out. By making it exciting, fun and pretty silly, the turnout has been great. We think It’s great to see people so enthusiastic about toilets!

In Japan, where hi-tech toilets are all the rage, kids learn about how the sewage system really works by becoming a part of it. They can climb into the giant toilet and flush themselves through a human-sized version of a septic system. It’s fun, educational and is all about the toilet, which we of course love. At this exhibit (it’s actually more of a ride), children and adults alike take on the life of a piece of poo. It sounds gross, but it’s getting pretty popular.

People wear poo-shaped hats before the big flush and slide to experience what it would be like to be a piece of poo. It’s a weird way to spend and afternoon but the exhibit is intended to spread awareness about sewage, health and waste education. They got that part right anyway!

At Johnny On The Spot, we excel at keeping it clean. Environmentally friendly is the name of the game and we are winning thanks to technology like solar powered porta potty lights. We also offer wastewater holding tanks at Johnny On The Spot in case you don’t have access to a sewer.

Also check out our portable water systems for field office trailers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. They offer a convenient alternative when you don’t have access to a sewer hookup. It’s like having indoor plumbing! Your employees will be much happier with our portable water systems.

The exhibit also features goofy antics like singing toilets who thank you once flushed. “You too can be feces” says one sign hanging in the museum.

The exhibit will be open until October if you’re thinking about heading to Tokyo anytime soon. But until then, check out what Johnny On The Spot has to offer! We’re definitely cheaper than a flight across the pacific.

Tokyo may have a poo slide, but you’ve got Johnny On The Spot.

Golden Luxury Porta Potty Unveiled at Music Fest

August 20th, 2014

The most decadent porta potty of all time will be unveiled at Austin City Limits, a popular music festival in Austin, Texas this October, according to MusicFeeds.com.

The porta potty is made of 25 carat gold and keeps you comfortable and cool thanks to its fully equipped air conditioning.

That’s nice. But does it have solar-powered lights? Johnny On The Spot has you covered thanks to our beautiful celebrity restroom.

The overly indulgent Austin City Limits golden porta potty does come equipped with a golden chandelier that was “turned down by the palace of Versailles for being too lavash.” But does it greet you the way our celebrity restroom does with flowers and a welcome mat? We didn’t think so.

We also didn’t hear this golden porta potty say anything about superior ventilation and a perfumed fragrance to minimize odor. Not to mention magazine racks, coat hooks and a foot pump sink. Now that’s luxury.

You can take your imported Egyptian toilet paper and shove it up your … wait, never mind.

Our luxury porta potties are in fact the height of toilet technology, and you don’t have to go all the way to Texas just to use it. We have everything you could possibly want at reasonable prices. No golden chandeliers, but we think you’ll do ok without that added indulgence.

In addition to our celebrity restroom, we also have luxury restroom trailers to suit your every need and keep you comfortable. These trailers come in four series: Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and A.D.A. accessible.

If you’re interested in learning more about our trailers, click here. You can even take a virtual tour inside each model!

Only six people, winners of an Austin City Limits contest, will actually get the chance to use the golden toilet. But our toilets are available to anyone. We don’t discriminate. If you’d like to talk to us about our luxury mobile toilet facilities let us know today at 1-800-491-5687!

But in the event you do win the golden porta potty contest, we won’t be mad at you if you decide to give it a try. Go enjoy yourself in Texas, but we'll be waiting for you with superior toilet technology.

Canadian City Thrilled with Porta Potties

August 19th, 2014

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

We’ve all been there, whether we want to admit it or not. You’re out and about with some friends or family and you’ve hydrated just a little too much. You look around for your best option and there are no bathrooms or porta potties in sight. What do you do? You know what comes next, and it’s something that every city, little or big has to deal with.

One Canadian city in particular is having particular difficulty dealing with public urination. Guelph, Ontario was the sight of 280 public urination complaints in 2012, according to police as reported in an article from GuelphMercury.com. The story claims that the city’s police force spend around 64 hours a year dealing with public urination complaints.

That sounds like a lot to deal with. If only there were a solution so that police could deal with more serious crimes and normally innocent citizens would not be forced to take such desperate measures like committing a crime out of necessity. You know where this is going, and so did the police in Guelph: they went the way of the porta potty, and the results were fantastic as you would imagine.

"You look at the reduced time on policing, reduced time on bylaw, the reduced time on city works to clean up public fouling, and also the impact on the business or commercial owner who doesn't have to clean their windows," Guelph police chief Bryan Larkin told GuelphMercury.com. "In my view, (it's) money well spent upfront to see what the outcome is."

Money well spent, indeed.

In order to avoid situations like this one our neighbors to the north had to deal with, always go with Johnny On The Spot. We have portable restrooms for every occasion, whether you’re in construction, throwing a party or making it easier for your citizens to have a night out on the town like in Guelph.

Try our standard restroom for your every need!

Back in Guelph, Ontario they’re already seeing the progress that can be made with porta potties in a very short time.

"From our perspective, we think there's value in not having to issue as many violations. We see the success rate. We've seen when we introduced the porta potties we're seeing some return on our investment," Larkin said.

If your town is in need of porta potties in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania let us know today!

One Woman Makes it Possible to Stand Up in Porta-Potties

August 18th, 2014

Porta-potties might not always have the best reputation, especially when it comes the the female population. (Unless of course you’re talking about the superior product provided by Johnny On The Spot!) -- But one San Francisco woman is looking to change the conversation when it comes to portable bathroom use for the good of womankind.

Sara Grossman is getting women to stand up to porta-potty inequality with a unique invention aptly called Stand Up.
"As you can see, it's a small, cute, little triangle, which is why it's an accessory," Grossman said in an article from ABC7News.com. "It directs the urine perfectly into the toilet. So you put this up against your body and then the urine comes out here and goes straight in."

We'd imagine that not everyone would prefer this invention as an alternative to sitting. As if to prove this, ABC7News.com spoke to some women about how they feel about this new bathroom “accessory.” While some saw the utility of Stand Up, others were not as thrilled at the prospect of using it.

In preparation for Outside Lands, a music festival in San Francisco that took place earlier this month, samples were passed out to give it a shot. The product itself is small (about 4.5 inches tall), pink and opens up for easy access in conjunction with any urinal. The idea is that it can come with you, be easily concealed and easily used (just once, we hope) before being thrown away. It’s also biodegradable if you’re trying to go green.

One “purse pack,” which included six individual products can be purchased at the-stand-up.com for a $6 dollar fee. To give you a better idea of why one might want to even buy something like this, the website provides suggestions like “Upgrade your bathroom experience, even if there’s no bathroom.”

It’s quite an idea from the self-proclaimed “Queen Pee,” But until that catches on, when you’re looking for a quality porta-potty experience, set your mind at ease with such products from Johnny On The Spot like the celebrity or deluxe porta-potties, equipped with flushing toilets, sinks with running water, hand towels with soap and waste baskets. You’ve gotta give it up for creativity, but until you have your own Stand Up, we know both sexes will be satisfied with the comfort offered by any porta-potty from Johnny on the Spot.

JOTS Celebrates Inaugural World Portable Sanitation Day

August 15th, 2014

Sustainable Sanitation

Johnny on the Spot, LLC (JOTS) is proud to celebrate, in conjunction with the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), the inaugural World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD), recognized on August 15th.

The goal of WPSD is to raise awareness for sustainable sanitation on a global scale and promote the benefits that portable restrooms provide to people and our environment. The awareness campaign is highlighted by several key elements including:

·         The World Health Organization estimates that 2.6 billion people (roughly a third of the world's population) lack access to adequate sanitation.
·         Portable restrooms save an estimated 125 million gallons of water daily.
·         Portable restrooms help protect natural resources from contamination.
·         Portable restrooms provide sanitation to an estimated 200 million victims of natural disasters each year, where access to existing sanitation systems have been compromised.

Johnny on the Spot is embracing World Portable Sanitation Day by sharing the benefits of portable sanitation with clients, wearing special t-shirts designed to commemorate the day and asking others to share information regarding WPSD through social media.
"World Portable Sanitation Day is a significant step in raising awareness for the sanitation accessibility issues that exist around the world," said Jesse Thompson, president of Johnny on the Spot, LLC. "The portable sanitation industry has experienced a remarkable transformation over the last 40 years with respect to equipment and efficiency. We plan to be at the forefront of this progressive movement for many years to come, in the United States and abroad."

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (A Dubin Clark Portfolio Company), headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ provides portable sanitation and temporary fencing rentals to construction, special event, seasonal, recreational and permanent location clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, top-quality rental products, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, reliable service from tenured technicians, and innovative rental equipment, JOTS has established itself as an industry and community leader. To learn more about JOTS, please visit www.johnnyonthespot.com.

Toilets in the News

August 14th, 2014

Toilets in the News: It Happens All the Time

Toilets hardly seem like the glamorous type, but they end up in the news far more frequently than you may think. Your shiny porcelain throne might be a little more interesting than it seems upon first glance. We all take our toilets for granted, but there are more people who own cell phones than toilets. You heard right, seven billion individuals own a mobile phone whereas only four and a half billion individuals have access to a sanitary toilet. This statistic is a little astonishing to those who have taken their toilet for granted all of these years. A global campaign has begun with the intention of improving sanitation for the remaining 2.5 billion individuals who have no access to sanitary facilities.

These are just a few fun facts about toilets in the news to help spur interest in an often overlooked topic. Keep in mind that, while these facts are a little silly, they are intended to raise awareness about a serious sanitation issue.

The Big Repair

According to The Navy Times, the aircraft carrier christened The USS George H.W. Bush experienced a more-than-small-amount of technical difficulty in the May of 2011. The aircraft carrier is home to 423 toilets that are used by more than 5,000 sailors during long trips at sea. In May, all 423 toilets malfunctioned at once, leaving one overloaded ship plumber and a group of sailors who never took toilets for granted again. The plumbing job involved the inspection of over 250 miles worth of pipeline. Sailors were quick to point fingers at each other with accusations about the flushing of not-toilet-appropriate material. However, a faulty vacuum system may have been to blame.

The Telling Toilet

Did you know that a toilet can instigate perjury and charges of fraud? Between the year 2007 and 2009, a toilet “gathered” enough evidence to allow an accusation to be made against a prominent Los Angeles City Council member. The explanation? Individuals who claim to represent a district must actually take up residence in the house they own, which must be within the district they represent or want to represent. A district attorney came across the information that, according to the councelman’s water bill, very little activity had been taking place within the home. “Water use doesn’t lie,” stated the district attorney. An employee at the Department of Water and Power stated that the water use taking place at the councilman's home between 2007 and 2009 averaged at about eight gallons each day - certainly not the number of gallons used by everyone else in LA. Your toilet knows more than you think.

Drowned Calls

We already gave you a pretty interesting statistic about cell phone use in the introductory paragraph, but here is another one we could not resist writing about. According to Continental Research, located in Great Britain, over 600,000 people have dropped their mobile phones into the loo (unintentionally, of course). We can not help but wonder what 600,000 people were doing with their phones while on the toilet!

If you have not given your toilet a little moment of appreciation lately, now may be a good time. Toilets news might sound strange, but more importantly toilets are incredibly vital for the sanitation of the world we live in. Take a moment to shine up your toilet and be thankful for what you have. Toilets are a lot cooler than we give them credit for.

How to Pick the Best Porta Potty With Math

August 13th, 2014

Toilet Math: How to Pick a Porta Potty

While we all appreciate portable toilets, people sometimes worry about using port potties just in the same way people worry about using any public restroom. However, there might be an unusual solution to the picking the best port potty. The next time you get in line to use one of the portable toilets at a concert or other event, you might want to use math to pick your potty. Yes, math. A mathematical theory dubbed “The Secretary Problem” could be your solution. But if you’d rather not bother with math, and no one’s blaming you there, we can tell exactly how to always pick the best port potty without an equation; just use Johnny On The Spot!

But for the sake of having some fun, let’s get back to the toilet math:

Toilet Math: An Illustration

The next time you have too much coke to drink at a festival and have to make a bee line to the portable restrooms, there’s no need to panic. According to a series of recent mathematical experiments, there is an optimum number value that can be considered. For example, consider a model that consists of three different toilets. The toilet on the far left of the illustration is labeled “Number One.” Toilet one is delightfully clean - the very cleanest of the three. The middle toilet is labeled “Number Two” and is slightly nastier than the Toilet One. Toilet Number Three? A disaster zone. Obviously, the toilets in real time and space are not going to be limited to three nor will they be so nicely ordered. However, for this illustration we will stick with the three ordered toilets.

There are six different permutations (i.e., the different number of possible ways a group of items, in this case toilets, can be arranged) in this model. This means that the the chances of you hitting toilet number one gets worse and worse as you keep adding more toilets. However, with just three toilets you have a 50 percent chance of picking toilet Number One if you follow the golden rule: reject the first toilet you check out and choose the portable potty that is, in your estimate, “best so far.” In all six permutations, there is an average 50 percent chance of hitting the jackpot.

If There Are More Toilets In This Story:

As briefly mentioned before, adding more toilets decreases the odds of your picking the loveliest toilet of all. If the illustration given above had four toilets to choose from instead of three, there would be a slightly lesser percentage of success, leveling around 46 percent. With each new toilet thrown into the mix, your chances of success drop by about 4 percent. Obviously, the simulation above works decently in very limited toilet situations. However, many places offer far more toilets. In order to work on a large scale, another mathematical solution arises. Read the text beneath the next heading to learn the real trick (other than just using Johnny On The Spot) to finding the best portable toilet among a larger selection by using math.

The Best Shot

Mathematical calculations indicate that you will have the best shot at finding the very best toilet by scoping out exactly 37 percent of the toilets out of the whole selection of toilets. After taking a look at 37 percent, you can then follow the “best so far” rule. After 37 percent of the toilets have been tested, choose the very next toilet you find that seems better than all that have gone before. For instance, if there are one hundred toilets at a music festival, you must peek inside 37 of the 100 in order to get past the “tipping point.” You can then choose whichever toilet after that appears better than all the toilets you saw before - with a higher rate of success in doing so.

There you have it. How to use math when trying to choose the best portable toilet. Who knew toilets and math had anything to do with each other? The next time you get into a perilous toilet situation, test out this mathematical theory. You may be surprised at how a little math can help you go a long way when it comes to picking the perfect toilet.

But, don’t forget, the only 100 percent chance of picking the right toilet is to make sure it’s Johnny On The Spot every time.

What to Know About Temporary Fencing

August 11th, 2014

Temporary Fencing: An Overview

Sometimes people end up needing odd, not-very-common things when in a bind - like temporary fencing, for instance. You can’t exactly run down to your local general store to pick up a large shipment of fencing, and when you need fencing you really need fencing. Well, Johnny On The Spot doesn’t just do port potties. We also handle all of your temporary fencing needs.

Take a look at the information below to learn more about fencing. You may be surprised at how useful it can be within a variety of contextual situations.

Who Uses Temporary Fencing and Why?

Construction workers are one of the primary users of temporary fencing, but fencing is also used on an interim basis for storage, safety of the public, security, crowd control or protection from theft and vandalism. Events that typically involve the use of temporary fencing include large venues, special outdoor activities, temporary lots for parking and sites that are used for disaster relief. Due to the extreme affordability and mobility of temporary fencing, many individuals and companies purchase the product on a regular basis.

What It Looks Like

Not all fencing is created equal. Not only does our temporary fencing look good, but it’s light weight and easy to move too.

Take a look for yourself here!

Temporary Fencing Choices

Fencing is a great idea for those who are concerned about the safety and security of their job site. Construction workers, especially, enjoy the security that comes with the added safety of temporary fencing. Are you ready to pick out your fencing? You may feel a little intimidated at first due to the large amount of options out there when it comes to fencing choices. But, with a little research you’ll be ready to purchase in no time.

You can choose between 6X12 and 8X10 panels at Johnny On The Spot. Our fencing is also available with or without gates, sandbags and privacy screens.

If you’ve done as much research as you can but still feel unsure about what you need, feel free to contact one of our friendly customer representatives at 1-800-491-5687. He or she would be happy to help you by conducting a free inspection of the area. By asking for help, you will get a better idea of what fencing system you need for your unique location and situation.

If you need temporary fencing, contact us today and let us help you get started. We would be happy to provide you with the solutions you are seeking.

Portable Sanitation Day Spreads Awareness

August 7th, 2014

World Portable Sanitation Day: An Overview

According to the World Health Organization, also known as WHO, over two and a half billion individuals are without appropriate sanitation on a global scale - that’s a whopping one third of the entire population of Earth. (This number does not include the millions of people who are deprived of proper sanitation due to disasters and other catastrophic events.) But an ongoing campaign called World Portable Sanitation Day was started on Aug. 15 with the intention of raising global awareness about sanitation issues in an attempt to promote positive change. Diseases run rampant due to a lack of clean water and poor sanitation conditions throughout the world. It’s time to make a change.

The Importance of Sanitation

Many people realize the importance of improving and protecting the globe we all call home. However, many do not think about it on a daily or even weekly basis. The importance of portable sanitation is hardly a common topic at the office (we think it should be). Providing portable sanitation is a matter of restoring a sense of personal dignity in those who do not have access to the sanitation that every human being deserves. If given the chance, would you allow a child to go unprotected from foul water sources? Deadly disease will remain more difficult to control in certain parts of the world should the sanitation issue remain unnoticed. In order to fully understand the importance of sanitation, you must first understand that sanitation is a vital aspect of your own personal health, financial well being, and safety.

An Understanding

Still not convinced that sanitation is important? Consider the example of Hurricane Sandy and other devastating world events that have taken place recently. Can you imagine being a local resident in an area without better means to take care of sanitary needs? Thanks to Johnny On The Spot, residents of NJ, NY and PA have someone to turn to in difficult times. Portable restrooms during Hurricane Sandy allowed individuals to have a sanitary safe zone and effectively cut off the spread of waterborne disease throughout the area. Without the sanitation we’re all so used to, we would have to deal with major health concerns on a daily basis. But in the event of worst-case-scenarios like this one, Johnny On The Spot has you covered.

Get Involved

One of the most effective things you can do to get involved with sanitarian concerns can be summed up in a single word: publicity. In order to make a positive change in the world we live in, more people need to know about the need for public sanitation. As the saying goes, there’s power in numbers. If you want to make a difference, begin educating your coworkers, family and friends about the real statistics of global sanitation crisis. Spread the word. Challenge yourself to educate others about sanitary needs, and team up with others in your community to make a difference.

There’s no better time than Portable Sanitation Day to spark a change in the world.