Renting Portable Bathrooms: Baby Changing Stations and Family Bathrooms

July 21st, 2014

When planning an event, there are so many details to consider that important accessibility issues may frequently get overlooked. Renting portable bathrooms is generally a fairly simple and straightforward process, but a traditional porta potty may not meet all of your guests or attendees requirements.

Parents with babies or small children will also require a space to go to the bathroom. At many events and outdoor locations, mothers are left with no other option but to change their babies’ diapers on the ground, surrounded by strangers and onlookers. Or they are forced to cram into a standard-sized porta potty with their toddler to help them use the toilet.

Not only is this uncomfortable for the parent and child, but it is unsanitary and represents a major invasion of the family’s privacy. In addition, onlookers and other event attendees have no desire to have their event interrupted by naked, screaming children, or even worse, being forced to see or smell dirty and wet diapers.

Providing a safe, clean space for families to use the bathroom is in the best interests of all of your event-goers. If you are looking for a porta potty rental in NJ, Johnny on the Spot offers multiple bathroom options for even your smallest guest. Make sure your event is fully accessible by ordering a baby changing station along with your normal porta potty rental order. The baby changing station will come with a fold down table at waist-height in order to provide an easy, comfortable location for caregivers to change their baby’s diaper. Furthermore, the station will also provide a foot pump sink with soap, paper towels and trash disposal to keep parents and babies clean and safe.

In addition to a portable baby changing station, ensuring that approximately 20% of your portable bathroom rental order is ADA-compliant will help to provide adequate space for family bathrooms. Not only will the roomier ADA-compliant porta potties deliver bathroom access to your handicapped visitors, but they will serve as a family bathroom for your event. Parents can comfortably accommodate their small child or toddler into the bathroom to help them use the facility, without worrying about space or hygiene.

Poor Portable Toilets Ruined the Event for Me

June 30th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

I recently attended an event with inferior portable toilets. How I wish you were there instead…

Normally, people don’t have a porta potty allegiance, but as a woman confined to a wheelchair, I take careful note of which portable bathrooms can accommodate me and which cannot.

The day had started out great. The weather had obeyed our wishes as the sun was smiling down at us, promising that the gala event would run smoothly without any glitches. The grounds were well prepared and beautifully decorated to ensure that everyone present had a great time. The caterers also made sure that no one would get hungry as there was enough delicious food and drink to last for the entire event. The turnout was great, and by 10am everyone had settled in well to enjoy what the gala had to offer.

As time went by, due to the amount of drinks that I had, it became urgent that I find a restroom to relieve myself. This was when I realized that the glamorous event was not as well prepared as I thought. For starters, they were only 2 portable toilets that were located at the far end of the grounds. This was quite an inconvenience as I had to cover a long distance to get to the portable toilets.

My friend accompanied me to the bathrooms in case I needed assistance. When I arrived at the portable toilets, I was quite disappointed because they could not be accessed easily with a wheel chair. I had to struggle to get into a standard size toilet, which is a huge difficulty when you are handicapped. Did I mention that I had to wait for what seemed like days because there were only 2 toilets that were serving everyone people that had come to enjoy the gala?

Once it was my turn to get in, I could not believe what I was seeing. For starters, the portable toilets were too small, without enough space for my chair. I was forced to leave my wheelchair behind and get into the bathroom with the help of my friend. Secondly, they were not well lit, which made it an even greater struggle. On top of that they weren’t ventilated properly, and were emitting a pretty foul stench. It was quite a relief when I was finally done and I promised myself that I wasn’t going to drink anything else at the event, as there was no way I was going back to those toilets again.

You can guess that I did not enjoy the rest of the event. In fact I left early so that I could go and ‘enjoy’ the restroom facilities in my house, which didn’t offer nearly the same problems. People need to take note, that if you are planning on organizing an outdoor event, make sure that you put a lot of thought into getting portable toilets that can accommodate all of your guests’ needs. While it may not seem that important, you can guarantee that your guests will feel differently.

It’s sad, because I know that if these organizers had relied on Johnny on the Spot, I actually might have been able to enjoy myself.


Sharon L.

High Rise Restrooms Saved Our Company

June 28th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

I am the foreman at a NYC-based construction company. Your high rise restrooms made the difference in our bottom-line. BIG TIME!

Our company had developed a reputation for not completing projects on time and that was bad for business. While our construction is impeccable, our poor reputation for missing deadlines had to be addressed. The owner assigned me to the task.

Time is money and hardly anyone wanted to risk allocating projects to our company when they knew that there was a high possibility that it would not be completed on time. The few contracts that we got were from companies who would compromise on their timeframe to get the quality that we were able to deliver.

After careful analysis, I realized that we were losing a lot of time due to small things like bathroom breaks—they were killing our productivity! Most of our projects were high rise buildings, and for this reason the workers had to descend dozens of floors sometimes to use the few portable toilets that we had.

When our employees needed to use the bathroom, it took them nearly 15 minutes each time. Multiply that by dozens of employees, 2-3 times per day and you are talking countless hours of wasted time. We had to find a way around this problem and it was not as though we could tell people not to use the bathroom or to take fewer breaks.

We began looking into how we could solve this problem and stumbled upon the option of ordering high rise restrooms from Johnny on the Spot. At the time, we couldn't even believe that these existed—and that we hadn’t thought of this before! It was a definite improvement to our situation. Whoever thought about creating high rise restrooms may have saved our business that day. We decided to rent a number of these portable restrooms for every high rise project that we were operating.

The high rise restrooms are designed perfectly for construction sites. They could be easily lifted by cranes that we had on site. The facilities were basic but that's all we needed. Instead of losing fifteen minutes descending and ascending, bathroom breaks got shorter. Five minutes or less, on average. This meant that production was increased, for a relatively small cost.

From the time that we decided to rent portable high rise restrooms, our project completion speed skyrocketed. Over the course of the next few months our track record for completing projects on time increased dramatically. Not only do we now have a great reputation for delivering a high quality product, but our reputation for completing projects on time is steadily improving. Those two qualities make up a recipe for success in the construction industry.

Our owners claim that high rise restrooms are one of the best investments that we have ever made. We kept wondering why we never thought about this from the beginning, and kick ourselves for not doing something sooner. We were thrilled with the high rise restrooms and the service we received from Johnny on the Spot. The only regrets we have today are in regards to all the production time that we lost in the past. It certainly hurt our reputation. To think, all we had to do was to get some portable high rise restrooms, and our problems would have been solved!


Doug O.

The elusive celebrity restroom

June 26th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

My sister is an event planner working at an entertainment company that handles concert tours. Every day she deals with VIPs, famous people and executives during the course of her job. Every time we get together, she regales us with the latest stories and anecdotes gleaned from her job. Hands down, our favorite tales surround the sometimes ridiculous bathroom requests that she receives, especially regarding the "celebrity restroom".

She has had firsthand experience with VIPs and how demanding their bathroom requests can become. One example that she shared with me, was during a 2007 concert tour, where a famous singer requested rose petals floating in the toilet and another demanded pink-tinted toilet paper. All in a day’s work when dealing with people who are used to getting what they want, she said.

Normally, though, the requests aren’t quite so bizarre. Most VIPs do require a bathroom that is a step above the normal portable restroom though. For those not used to these requests, finding a restroom fit for a celebrity can be a difficult task.

They need the highest quality furnishings, fixtures, and sometimes even a special scent or two. While most other people want a toilet that just works when they are dealing with portable restrooms, VIPs are looking for the star treatment when they go out. They want something that is just as good, if not better, than their toilet at home.

The funny thing was, the celebrities on the tour weren’t the only people to use these restrooms. While they might have made very intricate requests of my sister, they were probably the least important people (to her) that would be using these restrooms. The real purpose of having a "celebrity restroom" was to make sure that the other VIPs and executives were able to have a great place to go to the bathroom. While they weren’t the headliners of the show, they were the people who had opinions that really mattered when it came to getting a raise or promotion. When the celebrities spoke so highly of the toilets and the VIPs from her company did the same, my sister was promoted to a much higher position. No one ever tells you that your overnight success could be due to ordering the right celebrity restrooms, but it just might be if you are in the entertainment industry.

Thanks for the laughs,

Chrissy C.

Thanks for your temporary fencing!

June 26th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

Thanks so much for helping to make my son's party a success. Your temporary fencing really made the difference!

To celebrate their first wedding anniversary, my daughter-in-law Regina decided to throw a welcome home party for my son Jeff.   Jeff and Regina had married the previous year, shortly before Jeff was hurried off on a nine month tour in Afghanistan with the Marine Corp. Their first born daughter, Amanda, was born while he was away. Regina chose to host the party an an amusement park at the suggestion of a friend and event planner.

The entire event was managed by the event planning company. The list of attendees included 21 families, consisting of family, friends, and professional colleagues from the military and the counseling center where Regina worked. As usual, that Saturday was a busy day in the amusement park, with thousands of people in all the corners of the park. Naturally, Jeff and Regina were concerned about keeping their party private and securing the safety of their guests and, most importantly, all of the children in attendance.

On the day of the event, the partying began and proceeded on a high note. The weather was beautiful, which made it convenient for the children to mingle with other children around the park. The event planners had every detail, large and small, under perfect control. They planned everything, including the delicious appetizers to the lavish dining that followed.

Jeff wanted things done in the style of military parties; he allowed his friends to play some of the favorite songs that had kept the spirits of the marines high in the harsh conditions of Afghanistan's desert. However, during the middle of the fun, some parents noticed that their children had started wandering very far from the party area. As the party progressed and the park became more and more crowded, keeping an easy eye on their children became increasingly difficult.

At one point, corralling their children became such a distraction, that many of the guests were no longer able to enjoy the party. They had come for a good time and wanted to spend their time on what mattered most, which was celebrating the occasion.

Luckily, our event planners were able to work with the amusement park, who had a contract with Johnny on the Spot. Johnny on the Spot was able to set up temporary fencing  around the party area. Within just a few minutes, your team had assembled all the details required for setting up temporary fencing around the party. The designated area was zoned off the easily with set boundaries that didn’t cramp the party. The hours that followed were a welcome relief for the parents, restricting the children to the area immediately around them, so they could stop worrying about where their children were and just celebrate Jeff's return.

Your temporary fencing saved the party!


Ellen G.

Septic System Nightmare

June 23rd, 2014

Dear Johnny,

Let me tell you about how you helped my friend when she needed a licensed septic system service provider.

Julia had been saving to buy a house for some time now. Since she was a child, she had always had the goal of owning her first home before her 30th birthday. Six months before her birthday, Julia called me quite excited. She had found the perfect house: a Georgian-style house with a picket fence, a nice big backyard and marble kitchen counters. This was the house she had dreamed of all her life.

I shared her joy. I knew the feeling well. After all, it was only just a year ago that I got the keys to my new house. It had taken me plenty of time to find it, and a huge amount of time to make sure that everything was perfect, but I knew that she would probably do the same thing and be much better off for finally getting her dream home.

Julia hosted a house warming party the same week that she moved in to her new home. She had not unpacked all her things yet, but it still had a homey feel to it. Everyone was impressed with the house and was surprised that Julia got it for the price she did, especially considering that none of us have ever thought of her as a very good negotiator. Julia couldn't help beaming and graciously smiled with her guests and thanked them for their compliments.

Two days after the house opening party, I was awakened by a telephone call early in the morning. It was Julia. She was shrieking and sobbing into the phone. "There is sewage everywhere, Jen!" she said. I was flabbergasted! How could this have happened so soon after her move?

"WHAT?" I stammered.

It turned out that Julia had neglected to have a licensed septic system service provider to check out the plumbing. I rushed over to her house and was horrified at the mess. I blamed myself; I should have reminded Julia of all the things she needed to get done. Instead, she had checked with a friend who took one look in the basement and pronounced the plumbing to be “Pretty good”.

We called Johnny on the Spot, a licensed septic tank service provider in our area, who came and addressed the problem. We were told that the septic tank was full and long overdue for servicing. Julia sighed. She could have avoided the entire mess had she called a licensed septic system service provider to check out the plumbing prior to moving in.

It took us nearly four hours to clean up the mess, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The smell that this mishap left behind lasted for close to a month before finally dissipating. A few months later we were able to laugh at the situation. "One thing is for certain”, Julia said. “If I ever buy another house, I'm never moving in before getting the septic system checked by someone who knows what they are doing."

Thanks for the help Johnny!


John P.

Tips for Renting a Portable Restroom

June 22nd, 2014

Dear Johnny,

I wanted to tell you a quick story about how your customer service and top of the line portable restrooms saved my event this summer.

As part of my role within the HR department, one of my jobs is to organize and run my company’s annual family summer bbq. I work at a fairly large company and knowing how many people will be attending can be very difficult. This year, I grossly underestimated the number of attendees for the event, which had huge impacts on both the expected areas, like food and drinks, but also the unexpected: our portable restrooms.

The caterers did their best to keep up with demand, but still fell short. Unfortunately, about an hour into the party, I was informed that one of the portable restrooms that I had ordered had run out of water. We assumed there was nothing to worry about since we had two other units. However, within the next hour, one of the remaining portable restroom also ran out of water to wash hands. I knew something had to be done and very fast since the line to the last portable restroom was building up with anxious employees and their family members.

Luckily, I called customer service for Johnny on the Spot and explained the problem. They were able to send a mobile water tanker to rectify the situation. I admitted to having completely underestimated the number of guests at the party. The water tanker arrived 30 minutes later and was able to restore all of the portable restrooms to full-functionality. Within about 15 minutes everything was back to normal and everyone was happy.

After this experience, I wanted to share the important lesson I learned:

  • The portable restroom units should have an adequate water and waste storage capacity to cater for the expected number of users

  • The washrooms should have enough extra soap and toilet paper on standby to help in case of a shortage

  • Confirm all the features of the portable toilets, like whether they have hand soap dispensers, a toilet seat sanitizer, and other common features in each and every unit

  • Make sure each portable restroom has some sort of odor control such as an air freshening unit

  • Depending on the level of event, it may be worth upgrading to a portable restroom with a more presentable appearance, such as nice-looking counter tops or stainless steel wash basins

  • If one is renting many units at once, at least one should be accessible for handicapped users

I was pleased to discover that Johnny on the Spot has all of the above features and embodied the best of customer service, being able to step in and save the day when my own event-planning skills fell short.


Linda K.

Quality Matters – Choosing the Best Portable Toilets

June 19th, 2014

When hosting an event outside, it is almost impossible to do so without portable toilets. As a matter of fact, these facilities have become part and parcel of any outdoor event. You will see them at wedding ceremonies, family gathering, trade fairs, sports events, festivals, product launches and much more. Although they are central to the success of any event, quite a number of people take them for granted. It is only after an incident, embarrassment, or lots of inconvenience that people actually appreciate their existence.

One example of the importance of choosing high-quality portable toilets involves a multi-day festival. The event was almost ruined simply because of using unreliable toilets. In a bid to reduce costs, the event’s organizer chose to go with what seemed to be the best deal in town. Choosing small sized toilets, which came with the bare minimum would be cheaper than a facility that came with additional options such as a large washroom. Furthermore, going for a one-toilet-fits-all mentality also would reduce the complexity associated with renting toilets of varying quality.

Everything seemed to be going well and according to plan, however, as more people continued to arrive, the portable toilets seemed to be pushed to their limit. At one point, all the toilets were occupied, and many people had to line up to use them. This was too much for many of the younger children and an embarrassing situation began to occur, which infuriated many of the parents, as it was completely preventable.

As if this wasn’t enough, one of the restrooms had its door jammed due to the poor build quality of the stall, and could no longer be used. This made the already impatient queue of people even angrier. Focus appeared to shift from the main attractions to the toilets, with the frequent use and delays due to high traffic continuing to take their toll on the festivities.

It started to dawn on the event planner that this particular brand of portable toilets weren’t well suited for continuous high traffic. Unless drastic measures were taken, the whole event would end up going down in flames. Fortunately, the event planner had a bulletproof backup plan that involved getting new portable toilets from a more reputable provider.

They arrived before the event kicked off the next day and completely turned the event around. The much larger and sturdier toilets were easily able to handle the long lines of people. Guests arriving on the second day would have no idea that there was ever a problem. Thanks to more suitable portable toilets for the venue, the festival will be remembered for its fun atmosphere, rather than its potty problems.

Portable toilets might look pretty simple in design. The role they play may also appear very mundane. Nonetheless, their impact at have at your event will certainly be noticed. Considering that an event’s organizer and the host look forward to a memorable occasion, it pays to have the best portable toilets. Factors to reflect on when choosing an outdoor lavatory include comfort, ease of use, privacy, accessibility and interior space.

Say “I Do” to a luxury restroom trailer

June 16th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

You probably didn’t realize that your luxury restroom trailer could be the unsung hero of a wedding.

After dating my fiancée for more than three years, we set our wedding date and decided on an outdoor venue. I wanted the day to be special for Kate and our guests, but we needed to work within a tight budget. I didn’t have any money to pay for a wedding planner, so I asked some of my friends to help out. Some were entrusted with the booking of the venue, decorations, meals and wedding invitations. Jake was given the role of ensuring our outdoor reception had luxury restroom trailers for the guests to use.

Jake did not know much about high-end portable bathrooms, so he simply went online and looked up a few of the companies that advertised their services, booking the cheapest one. A few weeks before our wedding, I attended another event that had outdoor facilities.

The facilities were awful. And to my dismay, they were provided by the same company Jake had hired. The company’s “luxury” bathrooms were poorly lit and had no ventilation. They also had no running water, and after a few uses, the stench was driving guests away. I immediately wrested bathroom control away from Jake and hired Johnny on the Spot to provide our luxury restroom trailer.

Another friend of mine referred me to Johnny on the Spot as a company with a reliable reputation that would provide a rental luxury restroom trailer at a reasonable price, with amazing service.

When the bathrooms arrived, they had beautifully decorated walls, floors and roofs, as well as had sinks, trashcans, mirrors, ample lighting, running water, hand soaps, automatic hand dryers, and air conditioning. Unlike the previous restroom company, this new company’s restrooms offered comfort, privacy and would pass even the most stringent hygiene inspection. The luxury restroom trailer was also the right size and had separate facilities for men and women.

Our wedding was everything we could have dreamed about. Even though I may have been the only person to notice it, hiring Johnny on the Spot to provide our luxury restroom trailer was the second smartest decision I made that day.

Big Thanks!

Jason S.

The difference barricade fencing can make

June 11th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

Your barricade fencing saved my job.

My first big project on the job was a disaster. I had a new job, in charge of planning a charity concert that featured two local celebrities. We were happy with the large turnout but it quickly got out of hand. No one wanted to line up when they realized that the concert was about to start. Everyone was pushing and shoving, trying to get in. The few security guards that we had employed for the event were finding it quite hard to restrain the large crowd.

Once everyone got in, it was another problem. Unruly patrons climbed onto the stage, determined to share the spotlight with the singers. It seemed everything was going haywire. Though we had managed to raise a good amount of money, many people left dissatisfied with the events that transpired. Fortunately we didn’t have any major injuries, but there were a few scrapes and bruises that we would have really liked to prevent. The entire situation gave our event a black eye, which reflected directly on me.

The next day, I got a tongue lashing from my boss. "You know, all this could have been avoided if only you had rented some barricade fencing!"

Barricade fencing? I thought to myself. Why didn't I think of that?

The truth is, I thought hiring a few security guards for the event would've been sufficient. Even though it was a local event, it turns out the crowd was much too large for ten security guards to handle. While it would have been fine if everyone stayed calm, the truth of the matter is that any size crowd can go from manageable to unruly in a matter of minutes. I had never really experienced ‘mob mentality’ before, but it was something that I didn’t want to experience again.

My boss was right. Setting up barricade fencing would've been more effective in controlling the crowd. The barricade fencing would have made it easier for patrons to line up, preventing them from trying to jump our gates. It also would've deterred the unruly ones from running onto the stage, getting in the way of the performers and generally causing a scene while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same.

So, when I began planning this year's event, renting barricade fencing from Johnny on the Spot was one of the first things on my list. I wasn’t taking any chances.

The event flowed smoothly this time. We had no issues with lines, as the barricade fencing worked like a charm to keep the patrons where they belonged. No one attempted to climb the stage during the performances and everyone left satisfied with the proceedings. We even had to hire fewer security guards, which saved us money, even after we added in the cost of the fencing. Phew! Instead of a tongue lashing this year, all that my boss had for me was praises; lots of it!

Thanks Johnny on the Spot!

Your faithful new customer,

Alex W.

PSAI Announces World Portable Sanitation Day

June 9th, 2014

(MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, May 2014) – The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) today announced that August 15 had been named World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD) by the organization’s Board of Directors.

The World Health Organization WHO) estimates that 2.6 billion people globally – about a third of the world’s population – lack access to adequate sanitation. In addition, about 200 million people per year are victims of disasters during which access to existing sanitation is impaired [1]

This inaugural celebration is intended to kick off an ongoing campaign to raise awareness and promote change by engaging people all over the world in expanding access to sustainable sanitation. Over time, it is the goal of WPSD to transform their interest and ingenuity into local solutions that prevent the spread of disease, save water, and improve the quality of life.

“Most people in developed countries don’t fully understand what it means not to have adequate sanitation,” says PSAI Executive Director Karleen Kos. Women and girls are imperiled as they try to find a place to relieve themselves and deal with feminine hygiene issues. Millions of children die from diarrheal illnesses. Even when efforts are made to improve the quality of drinking water, poor sanitation can lead to the ingestion of bacteria that kills people – as many as 2.2 million per year around the world.

Kos points out that sewer systems, common in the West, are not practical in many parts of the world. “Sewer systems rely on water and infrastructure. Both of these are very limited in many parts of the world – or they may be nonfunctional during times of disaster. Sustainable sanitation solutions are needed to help address these challenges. World Portable Sanitation Day is about getting everyone on board with solving these problems.”

PSAI company members will be celebrating World Portable Sanitation Day with a series of activities to be announced in each local market. They will engage non-profit stakeholders and the media in helping to educate their communities and to better understand how options such as portable sanitation – estimated to save 125 million gallons of fresh water daily – can be part of a sustainable global sanitation solution. Additional information will be provided throughout the summer.

About PSAI

The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) exists to expand and improve portable sanitation as part of a global approach to serving the public and sustaining the planet. As the largest trade association of its kind in the world, the PSAI Is recognized internationally as a credible, authoritative voice providing education and tools to promote safety and health. Established in 1971, the PSAI develops and promotes industry standards; serves as a repository of information and resources for operators, suppliers, government entities and the general public; and provides recognition for excellence in the field.. The PSAI has its worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Visit for additional Association news and information.

[1] See

Does your event have ADA accessible restrooms?

June 5th, 2014

Dear Johnny,

Thanks to your ADA accessible restrooms, my sister was able to relive her childhood – even if just for a few hours. Let me explain.

I took my 2 daughters and handicapped sister Heather, who is wheelchair-bound, to the fair. When Heather and I were children, we looked forward to going to the fair all summer long. So, we thought it would be fun to check it out when I heard that the fair was in town.

Although Heather was not able to go on any rides due to her handicap, she did have a great time at the fair playing different games and watching her nieces have the time of their lives on the rides. Watching them brought back such happy memories of when she was a child and was able enjoy all that the fair had to offer.

After being at the fair for a couple hours, one of my daughters had to use the restroom. The four of us decided to all go together. We came upon 2 portable toilets, one for men and one for women. As soon as we saw the two portable toilets, Heather and I both knew that Heather would not be able to use them, as neither was handicapped accessible.

Heather said she did not have to use the restroom at this time anyways, but I insisted on talking to the fair’s management about the availability of ADA accessible restrooms somewhere else on the fairgrounds.

Ever since Heather became handicapped, I have been active in spreading awareness for accessibility wherever we go. I knew that even if my sister didn't have to use the toilet right now, there were other people that would be attending the fair that would need it. I went looking for a staff member to speak with.

I found the manager of the carnival and asked if there were any other portable toilets on the fairgrounds, and in particular if there were any ADA accessible restrooms on the grounds. He told me that there were just the 2 portable toilets available. I then introduced myself and Heather, and explained the problem handicapped attendees were facing with no ADA accessible toilet available. I pointed out that the fair had only been open for a couple hours and that they would soon have a big problem if they didn't provide a handicapped toilet to the public.

The fair manager looked deeply concerned and he apologized for the lack of planning on his part and he promised to rectify the situation as soon as possible. At that point, Heather really did need to use the restroom, so we had to leave the fair early, but we promised my daughters that we would return the next day to finish the rides.

When we arrived the next day, we were thrilled to see 2 newly set up ADA accessible restrooms from Johnny on the Spot available. The manager had taken our request seriously. Heather thanked me for insisting on mentioning the issue to the manager, because now the problem was now fixed and others in wheelchairs could now enjoy the fair and with no further problems.

And my sister was able to relive one of her favorite childhood memories, instead of facing yet another reminder of her disability.

Thanks for making things easier for people of all abilities!


Alice N.

Appreciating The Unappreciated – Portable Toilet Stories For Everyone

May 30th, 2014

People joke and make fun of portable toilets, and they have so for ages. If you’re in the industry, you tend to learn about a few funny stories involving portable toilets, and how they have been used in the past. Hopefully you haven’t gotten into this type of situation before, but even if you have, hopefully you’ve been able to laugh at it in the end.

For young boys, portable toilets are hilarious. The actual toilet isn’t that special, but what you can do with it is. Two boys in the early 2000s actually tried to push a portable toilet into the river and raft their way to the next town. While portable toilets are durable, they aren’t that waterproof when pushed on the side, so the boys were soaked long before they made it very far.

One girl who had gone to a festival in Leeds in 2009 later became infamous after getting stuck in the bathroom trying to reach her purse that had her money and her cell phone. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable coming out of a portable toilet, imagine having to get someone to physically remove you from one. You might not live it down.

Other than the obvious times where you’ve found that magical port-a-potty when you’ve needed it most, you may have never thought too much about these devices. For one Australian storeowner, his port-a-potty was in just the right place. After a man robbed him and beat him up, he immediately called the police. What he didn’t realize was that the man had eaten something earlier that day which didn’t sit right with him (or maybe it was his conscience). He ended up detouring a few blocks down the road and using a port-a-potty at a local construction site. Since police knew what they getaway car looked like, they quickly tracked him to his new ‘hideout’ and apprehended him. Has your port-a-potty ever stopped a robbery?

Who can forget the opening episode of the MTV smash hit ‘Jackass’. They really put portable toilets on the map for many people after they used one in a prank in the first episode of the show. Since then, they have used it in many different shows and in their movies, and there have been plenty of people trying to recreate the same thing at home. While it might not be the ideal use for portable toilets, it is one that made them far better known.

Portable toilets are one of those things that we always need around. They are great when you are running around looking for a bathroom at a local park or at another place where traditional bathrooms just don’t make sense. The next time that you sit down on your portable throne, think about some of the other reasons that people use portable toilets and hope that you won’t be the unlucky recipient of some portable toilet justice.

The Advantages of Renting Metal Barricade Fencing

May 30th, 2014

We normally don't think about barricade fencing other than that they seem to appear mysteriously during important events or private functions. Well, they might not seem like much, but if you want basic crowd control then you will need a lot of them. I certainly had that impression during a very important conference several years ago. I was one of the people in charge of the conference, and prior to that event, I didn't really know much about barricade fencing other than that they help keep people out or make them walk in an orderly line.

That all changed when several colleagues and I had been asked to attend an important conference in New York. It was meant to be a very simple affair if not for several complications. The conference was poorly planned, and there were more attendees than previously expected. This being New York, the situation quickly deteriorated, and on the first day of the event, the chaos of having to organize the numerous attendees and participants became a very stressful challenge for all of us.

It was during this event that I quickly learned the value of good barricade fencing. To help salvage the situation, and also to prevent similar problems from occurring in the next few days of the conference, I and a couple of my colleagues were placed in charge of finding alternate barricade fencing for the event, since the venue claimed that they were not responsible for crowd control outside of their establishment's premises. It was an unusual explanation, but that was the situation.

What we needed were cheap, easy-to-install and durable barricade fences for the next few days. The good news, as I later found out, was that there were several options to choose from. There were, for example, steel barricades, metal barricades, plastic barricades and expendable barricades. However, since the people in charge insisted on something durable, we decided to go with metal barricades.

Unfortunately, because buying these kinds of barricades cost a lot of money, which was something that we didn't have, we had to look for a company that rented them out to their clients. Fortunately for us, a company that offered medium sized metal barricades for rent was relatively close by. It took a lot of begging and persuasion on our part, but we managed to get the metal barricades back to the conference in time. It was also relatively cheap too, since from I can recall, the whole package cost us a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.

More important was the fact that these barricades did their job well. They were durable, relatively lightweight and they were stable, all of which were very important considering the bad weather at the time. Our choice to rent several metal barricades involved our need for practical fencing on short notice, and it proved a smart idea. Although the barricade seemed a little out of place, they were useful enough for the conference, and made a lot of people's jobs a whole lot simpler. So for those of you need barricade fencing on very short notice, simply rent them. It's cheaper and a lot more convenient.

High Rise Portable Restrooms Helped Our Latest Construction Project

May 25th, 2014

While working on a 7-month construction project for a new Midtown high rise, the first problem we had to solve was how to get basic amenities for workers up to the top floors, considering that having them come down to do their business would not be cost effective and may even be dangerous, considering the scale of construction going on. Portable restrooms were already in place on the ground floor and although we can install restrooms as soon as the upper floors were done, we were still a few months behind from our target completion goal. The first few days saw our men going down to the ground floor for restroom breaks which can really take a toll on the progress of the work since we had two or three guys going down at the same time, temporarily stopping work on one floor. And most of them even had to go outside of their designated bathroom breaks! We needed portable toilets badly by then, preferably one on every other floor just to make sure that the guys could do their business the quickest way possible and avoid prolonged interruptions in work.

Getting High Rise Portable Restrooms Saved Construction

Getting a high rise portable restrooms solved the problem of workers going up or down and brought us back on track. Portable restrooms were extremely light so bringing them up through the construction lift was easy to do. We chose a unit specifically designed to serve in high-rise construction sites so the unit was easy to take up. Unlike conventional portable units, this unit was smaller and able to fit inside construction lifts.

The unit is designed to be compact, light and very maneuverable. The unit is also designed to be conveniently attached to a crane, so we were able to do the work of transporting two portable toilets for each floor by bringing one in through the elevator and the second unit using the construction crane. The small size of the units allowed us to roll the toilets through narrow halls loaded with construction materials and unfinished walls. The units were made of sturdy and heavy-duty polyethylene with steel frames so there was no need to take special precautions in transporting each unit up, knowing that the units were designed to withstand the kind of handling common in construction sites.

The great thing about portable restrooms is they can be easily modified to fit the high-rise construction environment. Our restrooms can be fully or semi private, with a urinal section at the back to allow for dual use. The roof is retractable to make it fit low-hanging construction ceilings. All these made our units very useful especially on the top floors.

The Benefits of Getting a High Rise Portable Restroom

After our portable restrooms were put in place, our men were able to keep their bathroom breaks short and we managed to maintain our speed of construction to meet the target completion date as planned. This means minimal losses for the employer, which is one of the main goals aside from completing construction on the target date.