Why High Rise Portable Restrooms Just Make Sense

April 7th, 2014

New York is a place unlike any other, one where there is always some type of construction going on. Things are being built, torn down, remodeled, or refinished on a daily basis. More so than ever, the buildings that are being built are many dozens of stories tall. When building a major high rise, especially on a tight schedule, every second counts. Even though you might have structured your project to take advantage of all downtime, are you really being as efficient as possible?

If you aren’t utilizing high rise portable restrooms, then the answer is probably no. Why is something so seemingly innocuous so important to the construction of your building? For once, the answer may be simpler than you might think, and it comes down to one thing: convenience.

East of access is paramount

Working on a high rise building, you come into contact with a number of different factors. From the height of the building to the complexity of the structure, there are plenty of things that you have to deal with on a regular basis. Finding a place to go to the bathroom shouldn’t be one of them. High rise portable restrooms solve what seems like a simple problem, but they do so in an effective way.

If you neglect to provide your employees with adequate restrooms, or they have to travel down dozens of stories to be able to use them, then all that you are doing is wasting time that could be better spent on construction or management tasks.

High Rise Portable Restrooms Save You Money

How can something that you have to pay for save you money? High rise portable restrooms may require you spend a little more money to rent them for your project, but the ultimate result will be a gain in productivity.

Let’s take the example of a high rise building that is nearing completion. Towards the end of the project, most of the work is being done at the top. The problem with this situation is that the bathrooms are all the way down on the bottom floor. This means that every single time a worker wants to go use the facilities, they must travel for five or ten minutes to do so.

While five or ten minutes extra may not seem like a lot of time over the course of a project, the reality is that each of your workers may be doing that several times per day. Added up over time, the number of hours wasted can number in the hundreds or thousands, depending on the project.

It doesn’t matter what stage of completion your project is at, having access to quality high rise portable restrooms just makes sense for you and your workers. Not only will it help you save money by eliminating unnecessary trips to an external restroom, but it will also help to improve productivity by enabling your employees to focus on the task at hand, knowing that their bathroom break is just a short walk away.

Are Celebrity Restrooms Any Different Than Yours Or Mine?

April 3rd, 2014

Finding a place to go to the bathroom can be tough, and if you are a celebrity it can be downright impossible. In fact, there are websites and articles devoted to photos of celebrities coming out of restrooms. If you were that famous, that photographers stalked you even when you went to the restroom, wouldn’t you want that experience to be as pleasurable as possible. Johnny on the Spot’s celebrity restrooms make your portable toilet experience as pleasurable as possible. They may not be as great as real celebrity restrooms, but you will be impressed with the elegance of these portable toilets. Just for fun, here are some examples of real celebrity restrooms:

The real golden throne

If you are keeping up on your celebrity news, you will know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are planning on getting married. What you might not know about them is that they have also made a few expensive purchases before tying the knot. One of those is a gold plated toilet, valued at $750,000.

While this might seem like an expensive purchase, a Hong Kong businessman already beat them to the punch, designing a solid gold bathroom, complete with a solid gold toilet. Kim and Kanye decided to cheap out on the gold-plated option, because the solid gold toilet alone was valued at over $5 million.

The view is everything

You may not have a great view from your bathroom, but Richard Branson does not share your problem. Necker Island, Branson’s private island in the Caribbean, is home to one of the most impressive bathroom views that you could hope for. This celebrity restroom looks out on the ocean from one of the many secluded Necker Island villas. While Richard Branson hosts a number of celebrities on his island, you also have the opportunity to try out one of the most secluded celebrity restrooms for the low, low price of $61,328 per night.

There is nothing lost in this room

You may know the weight loss guru Jenny Craig for her work helping America to get leaner. While she might spend her career helping Americans lose some excess baggage from around their waste, her bathroom is the definition of excessive. This celebrity restroom is nicer than a huge percentage of homes in the USA, with everything from a fireplace to a soaking tub, separate shower, and a collection of hardwood and stone that cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The maximal minimalist

Actress Julianne Moore defines takes minimalism to a comfortable level with her incredible New York restroom. While it might look simplistic on the surface, everything from the marble tub that occupies the center of the room to her wide plank hardwood floors has been chosen with a specific reason in mind. When you spend so much time dodging New York City cabs and adoring fans, it can help to come home to an incredibly comfortable, traditional bathroom that you can truly relax in.

Many celebrities live a relatively opulent life, and much of that decadence extends to their bathrooms. Celebrity restrooms are often one of a kind, and something that leaves nothing to the imagination. More importantly, they are also a reflection of the owner’s unique personality. The next time that you set foot in one of Johnny on the Spot’s celebrity restrooms, take notice of how nice it is compared to your standard portable restroom.

Why You Should Order Portable Restrooms

March 31st, 2014

In a modern world, politeness, personal space and political correctness is key for many people. When spending time outside or at an event with friends, family, and new acquaintances, it can be uncomfortable to have to dash off to find a bathroom, or find yourself waiting in a long line when you would rather be doing a number of other things. If you are planning an event, you might think that having restrooms readily available isn’t essential to the event, but the lack of bathroom options can be something that really brings a party or other event to its knees. While it might only be an afterthought in your mind, here are some of the reasons why your guests will spend more time talking about your bathroom oversight than enjoying your party.


Of course the main reasons that people want to know if portable restrooms are available in at an event, is because they are convenient and fill an immediate need. The convenience factor tops the charts, and also ensures higher profits, especially if your event or setting features a cash bar or food stands. Any time that your customers are spending waiting in line is time that they aren’t spending enjoying themselves and buying more food and drink. Even if you don’t have any of those things, you can guarantee that not having enough portable restrooms will be remembered when guests sign up for your event the following year. It may even make them think twice about coming at all.

You can’t just plop down a few portable restrooms and leave them; regular maintenance, cleaning and sanitization are required on each unit. This process can be time consuming and costly depending on the chemicals used, but it’s essential if you want to make sure that you are giving your guests a facility that they actually want to use. The only thing that people will dislike more than an inconvenient bathroom situation is one that makes them want to take a shower when they leave it.


One serious consideration for the placement of temporary restrooms is the need for their easy accessibility. For obvious reasons, portable restrooms must be established and grounded on level land, preferably concrete. Portable wooden or concrete slabs are often available from the restroom provider to secure to the bottoms of the restrooms and help keep them stable during their use. Taking these measures will ensure that the restrooms are completely safe for your guests and do not pose any potential hazards.

The other accessibility factor involves having them located in an area where you they can be easily accessed. One common mistake is having all of the restrooms located in one area, meaning that everyone who wants to use the bathrooms, or who thinks that they want to use them at some point, is forced to stand near that area. Strategically placing them around the venue is a much better option, and will allow them to be used in peace, since the occupants know that the rest of the party isn’t waiting patiently outside the doors.

In addition, doors need to be large enough to accommodate any size guest and those with special needs as well. The toilet seat should be low enough to comfortably function for guest of all ages, shapes and sizes. Whenever possible, handrails should be in place to be used as guides for disabled users. These are all things that you might miss when finding portable restrooms on your own, so it can be helpful to consult with a company that supplies them for events like yours. A good company will generally ask about the size of your event, potential attendees, and other things that will help them determine your portable restroom needs.

You never want to be the victim of a lack of restrooms, as it can quickly become the talking point of your party. Even if there are restrooms on the premises, having portable restrooms to use in case of excess guest needs can be a lifesaver.

What To Look For In Your Barricade Fencing

March 24th, 2014

Crowd control is a detail of event planning that must be proactively addressed in the early planning stages. Understanding what events may be about to unfold, and anticipating how to maintain an atmosphere of decorum and control is a priority for a reputable professional. An event coordinator must work with security staff and possible local authorities to determine the best course of action and the type of barricade fencing that would be most appropriate for the upcoming event.

In addition to the type of event, it is also important for the event coordinator and security staff to consider the total number of people expected to attend the festivities. Younger crowds may need more direction than more mature guests, and may try to circumvent the fencing in extreme cases. Depending on the number of people and length of the event, it may be wise to have additional staff on hand to supervise the crowd control efforts.

The many facets of event planning are often underestimated, that is until something goes wrong. One of the more important decisions an event coordinator must make up front is the need for barricades to control or direct traffic to an event. If such measures are required, the coordinator then has to determine which of the many styles and colors to choose from would be most appropriate for that particular event. Cost will vary depending on the style, and that consideration could be important to the customer. Additionally, not all types of fencing will be appropriate for every event. An event coordinator must choose carefully.

Vinyl and Plastic Tape Style Barricade Fencing

This type of temporary fencing is typically used at construction sites and to seal off a home or building after an emergency such as condemnation or fire activity. It is most often orange or some other bright color and has a honeycomb appearance, full of open holes that allow it to bend with the wind but not be destroyed by harsh weather conditions. Professional landscapers and amateur gardeners may use this style of fencing as well, but typically chose a dark green color to blend in with the surroundings, as visibility is not a key issue for them.

Heavy Plastic Style Barricade Fencing

These types of barricades are preferred for semi-formal affairs such as weddings, graduations, public speeches, political dinners and even funeral processions. They are designed to be functional and steer the crowds along a walking path. Yet, they are also sturdy enough to prevent anyone from knocking them down or sneaking between them. The heavy plastic bases have an interlocking feature, which ensures the pieces have a uniform and elegant look about them. There are a variety of colors to choose from so event planners can coordinate wedding colors or match up the political campaign colors with the event decor.

Aluminum and Metal Style Barricade Fencing

A rather foreboding and industrial option, aluminum or metal fencing let’s the public know that you mean business. This type of barricade is typically used by the police or security staff for an emergency or planned event, such as a street closure. Many public buildings such as airports, government office centers and even cultural centers may use this style of fencing when the public safety threat levels are elevated, as it is much more difficult to circumvent. Likewise, aluminum or metal fencing is the ideal choice for parking enforcement and other traffic control measures. It can also be used more readily for permanent or semi-permanent fencing, which the other options may not be suited for.

Whichever type of fencing you end up choosing, make sure that it is the right one for your needs, and you will find that it will serve its purpose well. Under, or over buy your fencing needs, and you might find yourself in a situation where your fencing is either too weak or too cumbersome.

What Are High Rise Portable Restrooms?

March 22nd, 2014

When you gotta go, you just gotta go! Unfortunately, the human body has little option to refuse when nature calls. For most people, going to the restroom at work simply means finding a comfortable place to stop working and taking a short walk down the hall. Although it may not always been convenient, using the restroom during a work break is certainly an expectation of employment. Even pilots have a co-pilot and autopilot that can briefly take over the controls while they have to take care of personal business. One group in particular has a more difficult time using the restroom while at work. It is a special niche, but construction and building crews that work in very unusual locations still need a solution for employees. For that reason, some ingenious companies offer high-rise portable restrooms.


This specialty portable restroom compartment design offers a viable solution to a unique problem. Depending on the chosen features, high-rise portable restrooms can be semi-private or fully private. Most units contain an internal urinal along with a standard toilet option. They can be suspended from the air or wheeled into place on the jobsite. The sleek and compact design (about 33.5 inches wide) fits through any standard doorframe as well. Although it is solidly constructed of tough galvanized steel and reinforced fiberglass, vinyl and plastic, it is still light enough to fit inside freight elevators and be transported on a flatbed or heavy-duty pickup truck. The reinforced casters make it safe and easy to transport the unit anywhere it is needed on the jobsite. They are effective but relatively lightweight, approximately 255-300 pound depending on the options chosen.

Additional Options

A fully detachable roof option is available for most models. This makes the unit a fully private, enclosed compartment for use on any jobsite. High-rise portable restrooms are available in a variety of composite materials and colors, and can also be customized with a company logo in most cases. Cleansers and deodorizers have been expressly designed to meet the needs of these specialty products and are available through the manufacturer or in retail janitorial supply companies.

Hand sanitizing pumps and refills are available as well. These convenient compact plastic shelves snap into place on a bracket or can be stuck to the interior of the unit with almost any construction grade adhesive. The hand sanitizer is a convenient and great option to have when there is a limited supply of water on the jobsite.

Portable shower units, similar in construction to the high-rise portable toilet are also available. These compact showers are very popular among abatement and construction workers as well as underground miners and even steel workers. Basically, any industry where workers are covered in dust or grime at the end of the day would greatly benefit from these additional features.

Whatever model, colors or optional features are ultimately chosen, one thing will remain the same. Employers and employees will cherish the decision to rent or purchase high rise portable restrooms for the jobsite. These patented designs have certain made life much easier for all types of crews performing dangerous but necessary work in high places. Downtime is eliminated, since workers do not have to scramble down to ground level whenever a bathroom break is required.

The Secret History Of The Portable Toilet

March 20th, 2014

Unlike Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we cannot all request new toilet facilities to be built in expectation of our visit. Should the need to 'go' become too pressing; the old portable toilet will soon become a welcome sight. This unassuming blue box that is found everywhere from building sites to music festivals may not be a thing of beauty, but they've had more than their fair share of the spotlight over the years.

A Presidential Potty

When President Bush made a state visit to Vienna, his people insisted that he travel with his own portable toilet. The contents were then flown back to the United States, just in case some ambitious foreign spy might feel the need get their hands dirty on the President's waste. What they thought the foreign intelligence agents might find, remains a mystery to this day.

Portable toilets also have a habit of following presidents and their ilk, around. For President Obama's inauguration, over 7,000 portable toilets had to be set up in order to cope with the crowds. The job proved to be such a massive task, that National Park Service's curfews had to be lifted to allow workers to keep working throughout the night.

There’s An App For That, Mr. Obama

When the 2013 inauguration rolled around, fears were raised that not enough portable toilets had been ordered to supply those travelling to witness the swearing in. Only 1,500 port-a-potties had been budgeted for, leading to concerns that excess visitors would be left standing in line, crossing their legs, when the big moment came. At least if you were looking for reassurance that you would not be left wandering around in search of somewhere to relieve yourself, there was an app for that! The National Park Service offered an Inauguration Ceremony app that, among other things, offered directions to the nearest toilet.

Portable Toilets For The Pope

Even these huge numbers could not compete with what was required when Pope Benedict XVI visited Germany. Over 8,000 portable toilets were laid out in order to handle to masses of pilgrims that came to listen to his open-air mass in Munich. The same year, Pope Benedict's visit to Valencia was thought to have cost the city more than two million euros, just to bring in enough portable toilets to satisfy the crowds.

The local government might have longed for the days when women were expected to make use of the local taverns, and men looked for a tree in a private area. In reality, it wasn’t so long ago that almost every toilet was portable. The unassuming chamber pot that was tucked under the bed could be packed away and taken with you on your travels to save you the indignity of sharing.

Before the invention of the septic tank, the residents of Edinburgh had an enterprising solution to the problem of how to handle those caught without a place to go to the bathroom in their beautiful streets. Buckets were set up and rented out for use of the public. Covered by a cloak that formed a sort of low tent, those in need were given some illusion of privacy while they conducted their business.

Royalty however, always had a more luxurious solution. Henry VIII's portable chamber pot had a padded seat covered in velvet, and was looked after by the Groom of the Stool. His job, while perhaps not the envy of many today, ensured that he was perfectly placed to have the ear of the King while he was attending to other parts of his Majesty's anatomy. The position of looking after the King at his most vulnerable provided the incumbent with a great deal of power.

That's something to think about the next time that you next sit down on a portable 'throne'.

Hiring A Septic System Service Professional

March 15th, 2014

There are certain areas in life where people will simply spend what is necessary to complete the task at hand, without asking questions or looking for bargains. Septic system services are one such service that people just want to have solved quickly! Above all, you want to make sure that your septic system doesn’t rupture or overflow, which can cause a smelly problem.

Find Timely Professional Services

One reason that homeowners turn to the experts when important equipment goes haywire is because they expect that professionals have the answers and are confident in their ability to fix it. When calling in a professional team for septic system services, you don’t expect to wait for several days before your call is returned and then be forced to wait another week for the repairs to take place. Rather, you expect to be treated fairly and have your concerns addressed promptly in a professional manner. Your ideal septic system service professional should treat their customers with respect and extend a professional courtesy by keeping in close communication, especially if there is an unexpected delay in the process.

Get Someone Who Keeps Everything Clean

Almost every customer service survey sent to customers after job completion has at least one question about the cleanliness of the workers and the job site. This is an obviously important category, especially in the realm of septic system services, since the whole goal is to keep your property clean and not smelling like sewage! Although some septic system maintenance is done inside the home and is relatively non-invasive, there are also times when the work is extensive and requires digging up the property along the septic system lines. Sometimes that job will complete within a few hours, but other times it can take several days. Either way, it is essential that the staff keep your property looking as nice as possible, since leaving a messy reminder of your septic problem on your front lawn is just going to aggravate you further.

Portable Septic System Services

There is much more to professional septic system services than just home and business needs. Remote locations offer portable restrooms for rent or lease and these units can also need regular cleaning and maintenance performed for proper septic system health. There are specific regulations that you must abide by, depending on the city or county that you are in, and your septic professional needs to make sure that all applicable laws are followed. These strict parameters are in place largely to ensure that your sewage problem does not become a matter of public health. Professionals in the septic system services business know exactly what cleaning products to use and which chemicals are approved for use in public areas or near wildlife preserves. They are also familiar with and adhere to all rules and regulations for proper waste disposal and any reporting requirements for the local zoning committees. Make sure that your team knows these rules before letting them on your property, and make sure that they abide by them as well.

Choosing a septic system company is not as easy as picking up the phone and calling the first one that you see. You want to make sure that they are able to do the job right, they are knowledgeable about local laws and regulations, and that they keep everything clean, even if the job takes multiple days.

Where You Should Use Temporary Fencing

March 13th, 2014

With a growing number of cities allowing outdoor assemblies and public events, a brand new industry has arisen, virtually overnight. Entrepreneurs with great vision and insight foresaw the need for these public events to be sequestered and controlled in some manner that would be easy to maneuver. Today, we see examples of temporary fencing being used in a wide variety of situations. Where might you want to use temporary fencing? Read on to find out.

Construction Zones

One of the most common places to find temporary fencing is in construction zones, creating a makeshift walking path and alerting pedestrians to the potential danger around or above them. The fencing is easy to move and can be adjusted quickly as the work progresses. Construction crews can secure them with cement-filled barrels or simply use the manufacturer supplied snap locks.

Street or area Closures

There are many cases where inclement weather such as flooding or icy conditions causes a side street to be temporarily inaccessible to traffic. Police officers are not always available to direct traffic, so temporary fencing makes a great way to ensure public safety and efficient use of police resources.

Event coordinators will also frequently request the temporary structure be erected for planned community events such as cultural fairs or street festivals. They let vehicle traffic know that the area is temporarily blocked off and also direct pedestrian traffic to the festival entrances and exits. If you are planning an event or even a block party, temporary fencing should be one of the things that you look into using.

Emergency or Military Stations

In the event of emergency preparedness training, fire drills and even blood drives, emergency and military personnel need a way to make things run smoothly. There may be plenty of tents set up and even an information station, but without all these things being surrounded by fencing, there is liable to be chaos.

Simply having too many people, especially when they are already anxious or panicked, in one place creates confusion. Add the presence of authority figures and the frenzied state heightens. Fencing provides a feeling of security for citizens and a sense of control for the personnel who are trying to do their job. While you may not find yourself in the middle of a war zone anytime soon, having the right place to find temporary fencing when an emergency strikes can be essential to getting the job done right.

Sporting Events

Major and minor leagues sports teams bring in fans by the busloads. Even high school and college sports teams tend to bring in a large fan base. The trouble with all these extra people trying to swarm the stadium is that the ensuing chaos could be dangerous. There is a possibility that someone could be trampled, the elderly, children and the handicapped are at a special disadvantage in this situation.

Temporary fencing also provides a way to ensure that fans are lining up to purchase or redeem tickets in an orderly fashion. The system simply helps avoid competitive fans getting into heated debates over people skipping line. While a major stadium that expects regular influxes of large fan groups might look into a more permanent option, temporary fencing is the ideal choice for controlling crowds for teams with smaller fan bases. While you might not use it all the time, during the few times where you have a major game or rival playing, temporary fencing can make everything run more smoothly.


Indoor and outdoor concerts are huge attractions and garner an ever-increasing number of fans from all walks of life. In a society where entertainment venues are increasingly more crowded, and as the number of concerts held each year continues to grow, you want to make sure that you have the right crowd control options for the job. Another consideration is the increase in tailgating at the event, which can increase the duration (both before and after the event) where you need fencing options. If your venue is not traditionally used for major concerts, but you’ve managed to book a huge artist or entertainer, temporary fencing can help you plan for above-average crowd surges.

Whenever you need to control large groups of crowds, temporary fencing is an option. It’s easily deployable and will help you quickly erect barriers to maintain control over potentially excessively crowded situations of all types.

The History of ADA Handicapped Portable Restrooms

March 10th, 2014

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, every restaurant, public building, office building and restroom has made the necessary changes to adhere to the requirements of the new law. Across the country, ramps were built, handrails were installed and doorways were widened. The hum of buzz saws and the tapping of hammers were practically audible for years as renovations in businesses brought properties up to the demands of the new code. There was no question that the wheels of improvement were turning at a hurried pace. The United States Department of Labor, as backed by the Congress enacted specific and detailed criteria for workplaces in the country to be completely fair and accessible to avoid inadvertently discriminating against individuals with disabilities of any kind. Among the major issues to be addressed were the lack of elevators, escalators or access ramps to bathrooms, but one of the most important changes was the creation of ADA handicapped portable restrooms with the necessary safety and accessibility features.

Standardized Procedures

Although the undertaking was a very large ordeal with broad expectations, work commenced with the help of funds from the federal government as needed. Contractors and design professionals found the new rules very refreshing because they took away many of the questions that arise during design-build projects. Some things were no longer open to discussion or left hanging on the proverbial drawing board from one progress meeting to the next. Construction crews were able to easily carry out the instructions as indicated on the blueprints and eventually became so familiar with the new regulations that experienced workers could eyeball certain distances and make corrections as needed. For example, they were becoming so used to looking at 36” doors or wider that they could tell if the frame was off even by one inch. Additionally, contractors began to look for narrow hallways or tight corners that could be a problem for individuals who were navigating the floor plan with wheelchairs.

Unexpected Events and By-Products

Braille writing appeared nearly everywhere, as did handicapped ramps and rails after the onset of the new regulations began. Elevators and restrooms were among the most commonly renovated areas. ADA handicapped portable restrooms became available for the first time since the invention of the portable toilets, opening up brand new doors for disabled citizens. Finally, all people could equally enjoy an outdoor concert or sporting event, even if it offered no indoor public restrooms.

There were also many other changes that resulted from the Americans with Disabilities Act that could not have been predicted based on the existing technology of the time. TDD and TTY telephonic systems and software were created that allowed deaf people to communicate through the use relay operators and computer programs. These inventions sparked even further research and review into computer technology for individuals with disabilities.

These unexpected events and features of the Act created much more than just approved ADA handicapped portable restrooms; in fact a whole new industry was created. Unemployment numbers fell significantly as new jobs were created in a number of categories. Architectural design and construction jobs certainly rose, but so did the job opportunities for individuals who were previously excluded from the workforce based on their limited mobility or other disability. Computer programming and customer service jobs were opened in many fields as the new laws developed into other social acceptance campaigns and political lobbying. All in all, this new law and the invention of ADA handicapped portable restrooms made it possible for handicapped people to make new inroads into many businesses where previously it would have been very uncomfortable for them to do so.

Three Places That Should Require Portable Toilets

March 7th, 2014

There are quite a few places that draw a large crowd, but never seem to have the facilities required to adequately meet the needs of their customers. The places in question are not the run-of-the-mill types that typically find a mad rush for the restrooms at a specific time. Movie theaters try their best to space movies out so that all fifteen theaters do not let out at once, but men and women expect to find a relatively long line at the movie theater restroom after a popular movie on a Friday night. Likewise, major league sporting events have specific innings, recesses or halftimes that result in the masses swarming to the restrooms with the shortest lines. This is to be expected to. However, the following places really need to consider having several portable toilets available for public use, as they are usually simply underserved.

Public Parks

Children and adults alike can have a lot of fun at the local park. Families and friends head out to the park to get together for reunions and birthday celebrations. Public parks are also a fun and romantic setting for an intimate picnic for two. Many public parks offer hiking or biking trails and plenty of natural beauty to observe and appreciate.

What most public parks do not have are portable toilets. How many park visitors have been disappointed to learn that their afternoon of reading would have to be cut to an abrupt halt because nature called but there was no facility nearby? Likewise, toddlers and younger children are willing to run the risk of having an accident rather than telling a parent that they need to use the potty because they know there is no restroom available. When that happens, where will you be able to clean them up? Likely, you’ll have to head home or to a nearby restaurant (who is probably not interested in letting the masses use their facilities).

Outdoor Amusements

Outdoor amusement parks and seasonal attractions like haunted houses and corn mazes are extremely popular, especially among younger patrons. Because of the high number of visitors during a short time period, these venues fill up quickly with crowds awaiting an unforgettable experience.

Ironically enough, these places often earn a secondary income by providing refreshments to their visitors. While these young men and women are waiting in line to enter the haunted house, they may be sipping on a fountain soda hot chocolate, or apple cider. Even worse, they may be drinking their favorite beverage on a hayride or in a corn maze. If there aren’t any facilities in sight, or just a few for the hundreds or thousands of customers, then you can find yourself with a problem situation extremely quickly. Who wants to go through a corn maze and find a young man relieving himself halfway through?

Outdoor Sporting Events

High school and college sports teams gather quite a hefty crowd of students, faculty and parents. People come out to enjoy the game and show their support. Throughout the game, the spectators may be enjoying refreshments from the concession stands, a popular way that these teams support themselves. When the next major game comes around, the current facilities may not be enough to handle the number of fans. In a case like this, portable toilets can be deployed and removed quickly to accommodate the game, without turning into a permanent fixture.

If you are in charge of running one of these events, portable toilets are a great option. They can be set up quickly, removed quickly, and are priced right for almost any size budget. Even though you may not think it’s important, you can guarantee that your customer will when they find themselves at the back of a 20-minute line to use the restroom.

Elegant Luxury Restroom Trailers in NYC

March 4th, 2014

There is no lack of charm, sophistication or extravagance in New York City. Visitors can purchase a one thousand dollar ice cream sundae, spend over five hundred dollars for theatre tickets and spend almost that much for a car service to the airport. Indeed, the City That Never Sleeps never takes a break from the unbelievable either. Penthouse suites owned by celebrities that are rarely slept in but often used for video shoots and magazine spreads are the norm, rather than the exception.

Aside from the living conditions, daily functions in New York City tend to be a bit on the lavish side as well. Consider the exclusivity of nightclubs, after-hours hangouts for the A-list and the posh cigar clubs that line Soho and other exclusive areas of Manhattan. Movie and TV stars are permitted into the trendiest spots while onlookers can only dream of what may be inside. The star-studded city is a constant movie set or musical stage. Of course, the celebrities and VIPs who are only on location want the best as well. There are even luxury restroom trailers in NYC for anyone seeking a bit of luxury in a portable restroom.

Luxury Restroom Trailers in NYC for Women

Make no mistake about it, luxury restroom trailers are not your standard construction site port-a-potties. In fact, there are families in third world countries who would give anything to live in such grandiose conditions. The average trailer rounds out at several hundred square feet and even hold their own water tanks if a public water system is unavailable.

Available for many specific occasions and customizable, these private bathrooms on wheels provide all the luxury and elegance of a five-star resort. A standard luxury restroom trailer for women has about four private stalls and one or more sinks with vanities. There are several options among these trailers and the daily cost is actually quite affordable.

The vanities are flexible and provide customers with an array of choices. They may choose to have one large sink and hand washing station or have the vanity be separated into a double vanity sink. High quality lighting and fixtures help the room double as an impromptu make-up and hair station. Even the hardware, doors and trim are customizable for the right price. Most units come with hardwood flooring and some ambiance from scented candles and full flower arrangements.

Luxury Restroom Trailers in NYC for Men

When it comes to most things, men are usually not as particular as women and do not pay much attention to the overall style of a restroom. In fact, men tend to take care of business and exit without so much as a quick look around. However, once inside a luxury restroom trailer, men cannot help but notice the smooth finishes, the attention to detail and the solid construction. Each luxury restroom trailer is equipped with fully private entrances, solid wood doors and some boast granite countertops.

Luxury restroom trailers in NYC are definitely geared toward the rich and famous, but there is a reason for it. Having a luxury restroom trailer is essential when creating a luxurious atmosphere for an event or a movie or TV shoot. After all, what would be said if you put together an incredible event, full of guests paying thousands to attend, and the bathrooms were not up to par?

Why You Need Barricade Fencing At Your Large Event

February 27th, 2014

If you are planning to host a large event, you will have a large crowd on your hands. Barricade fencing can help you in your quest to host a smooth, worry free and successful event. If you are uncertain as to how barricades can be of benefit to you, here are a few reasons why you should make them a priority when planning your event.

Aids In Crowd Control

Have you ever seen a five-man security team trying to restrain a crowd? Laughable, isn't it? Having security personnel on hand at your concert, carnival, festival or sporting event makes sense but they are humans too. The fact is they are not superheroes and can do so much and no more. Barricade fencing is perfect for crowd control and will do much more for you than a team of security guards.

Establish Boundaries

Barricade fencing is perfect for establishing boundaries. Of course you can post signs to discourage people from entering restricted areas; however, signs can be easily overlooked or disregarded. Barricade fencing sends a loud and clear message of "no access". Once a barricade fence is erected, people automatically know that they are to stay away. Barricade fencing is especially important at events such as road racing. They will keep the crowd out of the path of the runners and thereby prevent trips and falls.

Creates Special Sections

If you are hosting an event that will attract high profile personnel, barricade fencing is ideal for separating your VIPs from the rest of the crowd. This fencing also provides security and peace of mind for your VIP guests. If celebrities are attending your event, barricade fencing is all the more important. Again, a group of security personnel could not control a crowd that wants to get up close and personal with your celebrity guests.

Averts chaos

Pushing and shoving to enter a venue are common themes at large events. It can be quite exhausting trying to get people to queue in these circumstances. Improper queuing can delay the start of your event and many may even miss seeing their favorite artiste at a concert event. Barricade fencing can avert all the chaos and exhaustion associated with getting a large crowd to queue and aid in faster clearance of queues.

Provides Safety

A tragic accident can overshadow your event. Barricade fencing can reduce the likelihood of injuries or fatalities especially at large events. It can also be used on construction sites to keep people away from dangerous areas.

Provides Order and Increases Efficiency

A large event without a specific location for retailing is a recipe for disaster. Theft of goods can easily occur and retailers can get confused with the mad rush all around them. However, you can use barricade fencing to establish a section specific for retailers, which will enable smoother transactions, less confusion and theft of goods.

Johnny On The Spot Provides Barricade Fencing to help you host a smooth event. You can also employ barricade fencing to protect your construction site. Whatever you do, don't plan your event without renting barricade fencing. Safeguard your interest as well as those of your attendees.

What Exactly Is A Portable Toilet- All The Facts

February 25th, 2014

Portable toilets, or commonly known and referred to as Porta Potties, are typically used at large gatherings or construction sites because of their accessibility to move easily from place to place and their durability to not break. The first patent in the United States was by a man named George Harding in the 1960’s. Harding was a cofounder of the company PolyJohn Corporation along with Ed Cooper and George Hiskes.

Weighing at about 90 to 110 kilograms, portable toilets are typically about the size to fit a single person, although wheelchair accessible ones have also been invented. They average at about 90 centimeters in square, and 210 centimeters in height. Some of these portable toilets contain a toilet, and sometimes a small urinal. Just about all portable toilets also include a lockable door, air vent at the top for ventilation of the unpleasant smell, and a vent pipe connected to the holding tank for the horrible smells to exit another way.

Newer versions of the portable toilet have also been known to contain hand sanitizer dispensers, and toilet paper roll holders. A small, blue, smell-reducing chemical is also present at the bottom of the tank that may turn green when it comes into contact with enough bacteria, activating its odor prevention. This chemical is known as formaldehyde. The formaldehyde-based substance interferes with the germs in portable toilet, these bacteria get rid of odorous gas when breaking apart waste.

Though more costly than a typical permanent outside latrine, portable toilets have more than a few significant benefits most of which are related to their portability as they are self-sufficient and they can be positioned almost everywhere. They are regularly loaned to customers having a big group outing by companies that promise their cleanliness, and many of the regulations are that the portable toilet has to be drained, disinfected, and deodorized on a normal basis.

It's on average less expensive to rent a portable toilet than to employ a janitorial examination to clean the restrooms on a weekly time period. As they are not plumbed, so they cannot clog up. However, because portable toilets are not plumbed, they keep the waste in the interior of the restroom, and this can lead to a sewage stench if the portable toilet is not cleaned as it should be or is over worn. They may also be seen as an eyesore in most communities, some of which has made illegal the use of a portable toilet without extraordinary authorization from the city or metropolis.

In addition to all of the features it may come with, the portable toilet is easily accessible, great for all work sites, not very expensive, and very easy to clean. With the case being plastic, nothing is absorbed and is very easy to get a wipe and clean it off. The ventilation system is a great idea for keeping out a horrible stench, however if the lid to the toilet seat is left open, then the ventilation system works backwards and keeps the stench inside the portable toilet.

Six Benefits Of Renting High Rise Portable Restrooms

February 22nd, 2014

Regardless of where you are, going to the restroom should never be a mathematical equation. Whether you are attending an outdoor event, or find yourself several floors from the ground on a construction site, going to the restroom shouldn't be something one has to worry too much about. If you own a high-rise construction site, renting High Rise Portable Restrooms can be more than beneficial to both you and your contractors. Here are five benefits of renting these restrooms from Johnny On the Spot.

1.Saves Time

How long would it take for a worker to descend and ascend a high-rise building to go in search of a restroom? Probably half an hour, right? If that worker were to use the restroom twice per day that would be one hour per day wasted on bathroom breaks. On average, that would translate into 20 hours on a monthly basis. Having a high-rise restroom on your construction site helps to reduce restroom breaks significantly. Your workers will be in and out of the restroom in no time and back on the job.

2.Increases Efficiency

Time wasted can never be regained. If each worker wastes an average of 20 hours per month on restroom breaks, it could mean a severe delay in the completion of your project. This could earn you a reputation of being inefficient and unreliable. High-rise portable restrooms on your construction site can greatly increase efficiency and enable you to finish your projects on time or ahead of time. This is obviously good for business.

3.Improves Hygienic Practices

Construction sites are notorious for poor hygienic practices. By renting high-rise portable restrooms from Johnny On The Spot, you can remove that stigma associated with construction sites and improve the moral of your contractors. Our high-rise portable restrooms are hygienic and will reduce the risk of your workers contracting diseases.

4.Reduce Embarrassing Accidents

Anything can happen during the time it takes to descend a high-rise construction site, and the time it takes to find a restroom. Providing high-rise portable restrooms for your workers will decrease the chance of any embarrassing situations and demoralization of individuals. Holding bodily wastes can also have adverse health consequences on individuals. The provision of these restrooms on high-rise construction sites will reduce your accountability for a worker's poor health as it relates to bladder infections and incontinence.


We do know that safety is paramount especially on a construction site. Our high-rise portable restroom solutions were designed specifically for construction sites with safety in mind. The restrooms are sturdy, yet mobile.


Our spacious high-rise portable restrooms will reduce instances of workers waiting on each other. This is because they are able to accommodate two persons at a time, while simultaneously offering privacy. This is one feature that will help save time.

There are several benefits of renting high-rise portable restrooms from Johnny On The Spot. These restroom solutions can reduce loss of revenue and increase efficiency, while providing your workers with the convenience of sturdy, safe and hygienic restroom option.

Why You Should Rent ADA Handicapped Portable Restrooms From Johnny On The Spot

February 20th, 2014

If you are not a wheelchair user, then you do not know or understand how difficult it is to use a standard rest room. If you are hosting an event, you should endeavor to provide restroom facilities for guests with special needs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as outlined by the Department of Justice requires that at least five percent of portable toilets provided on the site of your event must be accessible to people with special needs. It is true that ADA handicapped portable restrooms may be an added expense to your budget, but as a law abiding citizen you must make an effort to comply with this requirement. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should rent handicapped restrooms from Johnny on the Spot.

Fully Compliant To ADA Standards

It's simply not enough to provide a restroom that is wheelchair accessible for your special needs guests. The Americans with Disabilities Act outlines certain specifications that handicapped restrooms must attain. All portable handicapped restrooms offered by Johnny on the Spot are 100 percent ADA compliant, which means you have one less thing to worry about. These restrooms are spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair user and can facilitate a 180-degree turn if needed. The dimensions are 77" wide x 90.75" high x 77" long. These ADA restrooms also feature reinforced toilet assist bars and a door that automatically shuts.

Easily Accessible

It should never be an arduous task to go to the restroom, but entry to many portable handicapped toilets can be quite tedious. However, ADA handicapped portable restrooms provided by Johnny on the Spot offer ground level entry and are easily accessible without the need for a ramp. Your special needs guests will get in and out of these portable toilets quickly and easily without any hassle.

Non-Skid flooring

Normal portable restrooms don't offer the proper flooring, which provide traction for wheelchairs. And the last thing you would want is to be faced with a lawsuit as a result of slippery floors. Our handicapped restrooms are fitted with non-skid flooring which assures the safety of your special needs guests as well as your peace of mind right throughout your event.

Roomy Interior

The roomy interior is another great feature of our ADA handicapped portable restrooms. If you've ever accompanied a child to a restroom, you know how cumbersome it can be to attend to them in the small cubicle. Well, not only are our handicapped restrooms large enough to accommodate maximum wheel chair accessibility, but it is also ideal for parents with small children that are attending your event.

In the course of planning your next event, you should ensure that ADA handicapped portable restrooms are among your list of priorities. Not providing this necessity for your special needs guests would mean a violation of the ADA act. Our handicapped restrooms will ensure your compliance with this law and enhance the overall experience special needs guests attending your event. Non-provision of these facilities is simply not an option.