Winter Season Guidelines

December 26th, 2014

With winter upon us and temperatures falling, you may be wondering what effect the season will have on your Johnny on the Spot portable restroom rentals.

Johnny on the Spot utilizes a salt water mixture to protect tanks from freezing.  The salt water mixture may leave a white residue in certain instances, which is completely normal and sanitary.

Certain rentals like our Celebrity and Deluxe Restrooms and Hand Washing Stations use fresh water are not able to be used or rented because of the freezing of various mechanisms.  Johnny on the Spot recommends that these restrooms are exchanged for options like our Standard Restroom, Portable Water Systems or Restroom Trailers which can be winterized.

Johnny on the Spot Portable Water Systems for field office trailers are recommended for winter months to give your employees and guests the comforts and convenience of indoor plumbing.  Winterization for Portable Water system holding tanks is also available and strongly recommended in the winter months.  The winterization package includes insulation and an electric heating pad all wrapped in plastic sheeting to protect the tank from freezing.

Also recommended are Restroom Trailers from Johnny on the Spot’s Elite Coaches luxury restroom trailers division.  All of our restroom trailers come equipped with electrical hookups and onboard heat to ensure your workers and guests are comfortable during the winter months.

If you have any questions regarding the service of your restrooms or which rentals are available, please call our representatives at (800) 491-5687.

Protecting Homes Under Construction

December 9th, 2014

According the National Equipment Registry, billions of dollars worth of construction equipment and supplies are stolen annually which does not account additionally for the value of supplies such as copper.  Copper theft alone causes nearly $1 billion in losses to businesses yearly and according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), builders lose over $4 billion annually total. According to LoJack, New Jersey is 5th in the nation when it comes to equipment theft, creating costly concerns for contractors and home builders.  This means higher expenses for builders who have to pass the cost of theft on to home buyers.  The NAHB estimates that home builders should add about 1.5% to the total price of the average new home to offset costs related to vandalism and theft.

Construction Site Protection

Here are ten ways to help prevent theft on your job sites:

  1. Utilize temporary fencing to close up your site, making it harder to enter and remove equipment and supplies.
  2. Hire security guards to protect the site overnight and also consider renting a portable guard shack.
  3. Have a lock down area for tools and supplies and make sure to lock up equipment and perimeter before your crew leaves for the night.
  4. Remove all keys from the site at night and do not share information on where spare keys are kept.
  5. Run background checks on employees and other contractors and subcontractors on site because many thefts are inside jobs.
  6. Install lighting timed to turn on at night.  Jobsite theft generally occurs at night and keeping the area well lit may act as a deterrent.
  7. Take down all of the serial numbers on your equipment and tools and keep accurate inventory of your supplies.
  8. Prosecute to the fullest extent to send a message to any other potential thieves and vandals.
  9. Order materials to come “just in time” delivery to minimize the quantity of valuable materials left on site. According to an NAHB survey about jobsite theft, 86% of builders practiced just-in-time delivery.

10.  Take out insurance on your project to cover your equipment, materials and tools in case of theft or vandalism.

It is best to be proactive when it comes to site security and while theft will not be completely eliminated, steps can be taken to protect your sites and greatly reduce the likelihood of costly thefts.

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (A Dubin Clark Portfolio Company), headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ provides portable sanitation and temporary fencing rentals to construction, special event, seasonal, recreational and permanent location clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, top-quality rental products, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, reliable service from tenured technicians, and innovative rental equipment, JOTS has established itself as an industry and community leader. To learn more about JOTS, please visit

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. Has Special Day for Young Fan

November 25th, 2014

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (JOTS), a leading provider of portable restrooms and temporary fencing recently provided a young fan a special experience as an Employee for a Day.

Grant’s day began at his own personalized locker where he received Johnny on the Spot apparel and then was given an informative tour of JOTS’ facilities.  Among the portable toilets he saw were the Standard Restroom, Celebrity Restroom and Emerald II Elite Coach Luxury Restroom Trailer.

Grant’s smile, excitement and enthusiasm were contagious on his visit. This carried over to Halloween as he trick-or-treated as a  Johnny on the Spot portable restroom.

Grant said he would like to own a portable restroom company in the future. While Johnny on the Spot wishes him the best on this endeavor, JOTS does not know how it could compete with his smile.

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (A Dubin Clark Portfolio Company), headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ provides portable sanitation and temporary fencing rentals to construction, special event, seasonal, recreational and permanent location clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, top-quality rental products, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, reliable service from tenured technicians, and innovative rental equipment, JOTS has established itself as an industry and community leader. To learn more about JOTS, please visit

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. Saves Moonachie, NJ Weddings with Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals

November 11th, 2014

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (JOTS) recently came to the rescue for a wedding filled Halloween weekend at a popular northern New Jersey wedding venue by providing luxury restroom trailer rentals during a water main break.

The soon to be married couple arrived at The Graycliff Friday night not knowing earlier that contractors had broken a water line just outside of the Moonachie, NJ banquet hall earlier that afternoon.  Faced with the challenge of having adequate restroom facilities in place or cancel the weddings, The Graycliff staff set out in search of a solution to meet codes and also to please their clients.  After placing a call to Johnny on the Spot and learning more about their line of Elite Coaches Luxury Restroom Trailers, a solution was found in the Sapphire VII with emergency delivery to be performed in only a few hours.

“These people, they plan a wedding for a long time and you have to give them a wedding under any circumstances that happen,” Graycliff owner Tony Papamarkos said. Papamarkos worked with Johnny on the Spot to finalize a restroom trailer choice and coordinate logistics just hours before wedding festivities were set to begin. The Johnny on the Spot delivery technician, Sean Flaherty, was greeted with open arms, navigating the compromised streets around the Graycliff to position the Sapphire Series restroom trailer for use. “We pride ourselves on having the finest equipment and the fastest turnaround time in the business to provide service to emergencies of all kinds, even at weddings in this case,” said JOTS Operations Manager Marvin Hyer Sr.

Johnny on the Spot was thrilled to have provided a happy ending for the couples and the venue in their time of need.  The luxury restroom trailer provisions allowed the celebrations to go on and avoid wedding horror on Halloween.

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (A Dubin Clark Portfolio Company), headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ provides portable sanitation and temporary fencing rentals to construction, special event, seasonal, recreational and permanent location clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, top-quality rental products, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, reliable service from tenured technicians, and innovative rental equipment, JOTS has established itself as an industry and community leader. To learn more about JOTS, please visit

Johnny on the Spot,LLC., Barricade Fencing Rentals Provide Clients with Crowd Control Options

October 30th, 2014

October 29, 2014 - Old Bridge, NJ - Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (JOTS) began offering temporary chain link fencing in the spring of 2008 recognizing an opportunity to provide an additional service to contractors at sites where portable restrooms were present. Shortly after chain link fencing was introduced, event organizers began inquiring about barricade fencing (otherwise known as bike rack fencing) to be used at their large events where crowd control was necessary. From there, JOTS Barricade Fencing was born.

Barricade Fencing offers event organizers and site managers a crowd control solution with optimal maneuverability and durability, affording them peace of mind.  JOTS barricade fencing rentals feature Interlocking 7’ wide panels constructed of durable 16-Gauge Steel. The vertical bar design allows clients to affix signage with ease and sand bags can be added for enhanced stability.Barricade Fencing Rentals

“Johnny on the Spot’s temporary fencing division has experienced remarkable growth since launch in 2008 due to quick response times, quality rental equipment and competitive pricing,” said Marketing Manager Marvin Hyer Jr. “Our clients have saved both time and money through bundling barricade fencing rentals with our well established line of portable restroom services, especially at large events. We look forward to building upon our success and becoming a one-stop-shop for event planners and producers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and beyond.”

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. (A Dubin Clark Portfolio Company), headquartered in Old Bridge, NJ provides portable sanitation and temporary fencing rentals to construction, special event, seasonal, recreational and permanent location clients in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Since being founded in 1969, JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility, top-quality rental products, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, reliable service from tenured technicians, and innovative rental equipment, JOTS has established itself as an industry and community leader. To learn more about JOTS, please visit

Johnny on the Spot, LLC. Announces the Acquisition of D. Lovenberg’s Portable Toilet Rentals, Inc. of Andover, NJ

October 9th, 2014

OLD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY, October 8, 2014 – Jess Thompson, President and CEO of Johnny on the Spot, LLC ("JOTS"), in conjunction with its capital partners, Dubin Clark & Company, Inc. and Balance Point Capital Partners, recently announced the acquisition of D. Lovenberg's Portable Toilet Rentals, Inc. ("D.Lovenberg").

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Andover, NJ, D. Lovenberg was a leading provider of portable sanitation equipment rentals and other related site services in Northern New Jersey. D. Lovenberg successfully built a strong customer base in Northern New Jersey holding many municipal, construction and special event service contracts.

"D. Lovenberg fits well within the JOTS reputation of providing quality portable sanitation services at a great value," said Jess Thompson. "D. Lovenberg’s growth over the past decade can be attributed to a high level of customer service which we plan to enhance using our proven systems and state-of-the-art facilities. We look forward to continuing to build one of the preeminent portable sanitation companies in the country and will strive to uphold the outstanding reputation that contributed to D. Lovenberg’s success."

The transition for D. Lovenberg clients will be seamless with special care being taken to the routing, billing and communication. All clients will be receiving a thank you letter from the previous owner, Dustin Lovenberg and a welcome letter from Thompson. Lovenberg will remain a member of the JOTS team as a key Northern New Jersey branch manager.

Johnny on the Spot, LLC (JOTS), founded in 1969 and headquartered in Old Bridge, New Jersey, is a leading provider of portable restrooms, luxury restroom trailers, temporary fencing and other temporary site services in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. JOTS has been revered amongst its peers as one of the nation's most progressive portable sanitation providers with state-of-the-art facilities, top-quality rental equipment, cutting-edge service vehicles, professional staff, tenured service technicians and a strong commitment to the communities served. To learn more about Johnny on the Spot, please visit or call (800) 491-5687.

Portable Sanitation Services for Hurricane Season

September 29th, 2014

Was Sandy the Big One?

A recent report states that Hurricane Sandy was not the "Big One" that the east coast thinks it was. But before we get carried away and scare anyone, it should be mentioned that insurance company Swiss Re created the report that states a hurricane more devastating than Hurricane Sandy could make landfall and create $100 billion worth in damages along the east coast. Actually, it even claims that such a hurricane made landfall back in 1821. However, the tools we have for measuring storms today are obviously much more advanced than the tools used to measure the 1821 Norfolk-Long Island Hurricane. Some of this report is speculation and not fact, and although it’s hard to believe a hurricane causing more damage than Sandy, it is always important to be prepared for anything.

Hopefully no hurricane ever comes close to affecting the northeast the way Sandy did. But when any storm affects your town, big or small, Johnny On The Spot will be right there ready to help with the portable sanitation services required to protect the safety of ordinary people.

Emergency preparedness is key, and Johnny On The Spot can play a large role in ensuring that towns and cities in NJ, NY and PA are kept safe. In emergency situations, Johnny On The Spot will work in conjunction with FEMA efforts to assist affected areas. We will also work alongside city government during non-emergency situations or situations that do not qualify for support from FEMA.

Some Good News This Hurricane Season

Here’s the good news! Even though reports like the one by Swiss Re could have some truth behind them, meteorologists at predicted back in May that this hurricane season would be a subdued one.

The meteorologists predicted that just two big storms would make landfall between June and late October. So far, so good. Of course, many of the worst storms tend to take place around September and October.

"If we have a robust El Niño develop, then the numbers will be much lower and this could be one of the least active years in recent memory," senior meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said.

Here’s hoping Dan is right, but Johnny On The Spot will be ready, just in case.

Portable Sanitation Services

If your municipality ends up being hit hard by a hurricane this season, portable restrooms, non-potable water solutions, High Rise Slings or another one of our many products and services from Johnny On The Spot can help. Storms can lead to a number of sanitation problems, and do every year. Johnny On The Spot can help.

So, if you are interested in learning more, contact Johnny On The Spot today! We have assisted during past hurricanes, such as Sandy, and will be more than happy to do it again. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

Take a look at our Standard Restrooms for rent!

If you are interested in any of our portable sanitation services, contact Johnny On The Spot today! If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 1-800-491-5687.

Preferred Customer Status – Johnny On The Spot

September 25th, 2014

The never-ending struggle to keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality is something every business worries about. Event planners and contractors consider this on a daily basis when it comes to providing portable sanitation for customers and employees. Luckily, Johnny On The Spot has a simple solution for saving your business money.

Preferred Customer Benefits

There are lots of benefits of becoming a preferred customer. At Johnny On The Spot we appreciate when you choose our products and services over the rest, and we want to reward our returning customers.

Preferred customers save money!

Johnny On The Spot will not raise your rate during the duration of a project. If you are building on a long-term work project and need portable restrooms from Johnny On The Spot, we will not increase your rate while you’re still working. You need to get your job done, and we want to help you reach that goal by making our products and services as cost-effective as possible.

Do you need multiple portable restrooms and/or trailers?

You shouldn’t have to pay at a premium when you’re ordering several portable restrooms and/or restroom trailers. When you’re a preferred customer, you can choose from cost-effective pricing based on the volume of your order.

Free Stuff!

Everybody likes free stuff, and you get plenty of that when you’re a preferred customer with Johnny On The Spot.

Free Unconditional Damage Waiver on Standard Restrooms
Standard Restrooms waivers cost $0.20 per day per restroom under normal circumstances, but as a preferred customer you get a free unconditional damage waiver for Standard Restrooms.

Free Restroom Relocation within 48 Hours
Need to move one of the portable restrooms you ordered? Johnny On The Spot will relocate your restroom within 48 hours of initial delivery.

Free emergency/extra service on each site each month
When you have portable bathrooms on site for a long period of time, you might need one of our representatives to lend a hand. Johnny On The Spot will come out to you for additional service as well as during emergencies, free of charge.

Free hand sanitizer in each restroom
Keep your employees healthy and their hands clean with the help of Johnny On The Spot. When you’re a preferred customer, we will include hand sanitizer in portable restrooms for free!

How to Become Preferred

There are two levels of preferred status: preferred customers and preferred partners. Each qualifies for different benefits. For event planners, venue owners, caterers and entertainment companies, refer to the section labeled preferred partners.

Preferred Customers Qualifications

• Maintain 6 restrooms

• Use Johnny On The Spot as your exclusive portable bathroom provider

• Remain current on your billing status

If your company fits the requirements above, then you can become a preferred customer!

Preferred Partners

Are you a special event professional? You can earn incentives beginning at 10% as a preferred partner.

Use Luxury Restrooms Trailers or special event restrooms from Johnny On The Spot exclusively to become a preferred partner!

Preferred Partners can receive free restroom attendants when renting two or more Elite Coaches or a free restroom service technician when renting three or more Elite Coaches.

To learn more about the perks of becoming a preferred customer or a preferred partner, click here. If you would like to order products and services from Johnny On The Spot, contact us today. You can also reach us at 1-800-491-5687.

Make Your Special Event Even More Special with Restroom Attendant Services

September 24th, 2014

Long lines, dirty restrooms and unhappy patrons is a recipe for disaster. Event planners have nightmares that sound better than this scenario. Unfortunately, it can and does happen when events are improperly prepared or supplied with inferior products. While many portable restroom rental companies don’t have a good solution, Johnny On The Spot not only offers clean, sanitary portable bathrooms, but will help keep them that way all event long.

Restroom Attendant Services

Johnny On The Spot offers a unique solution for event planners of all kinds. Johnny On The Spot provides an array of high-quality, top-of-the-line portable restrooms for every type of event.When you complement this with our restroom attendant services, you get an experience that leaves customers happy and content.

Even when a portable bathroom starts off clean, over the course of an event, they rarely stay that way. You have too much on your plate to deal with the on-going maintenance that will ensure a continually clean bathroom. Let a portable restroom company like Johnny On The Spot worry about it. Johnny on the Spot offers restroom attendants to see to the cleanliness of each and every portable restroom for the duration of your event. Your event-goers will actually look forward to using our restrooms.

No porta potty will go overlooked! Johnny On The Spot restroom attendants will make it their mission to re-stock each one of your portable restrooms throughout the course of your event. There is nothing worse than waiting on line for a portable restroom only to discover that it’s out of toilet paper, or that one guest has made a mess for everyone else. Your attendees deserve better than that. Luckily, an attendant from Johnny On The Spot can handle all your bathroom needs, leaving you free to run the rest of your event.

We’ve heard and seen it all at Johnny On The Spot, and if you are an event planner, chances are you have too. This time around, hire us to take care of all the variables. Our restroom attendants are professionals who know the importance of customer satisfaction. Don’t give yourself any extra headaches.

Johnny On The Spot can accommodate anyone who attends your events. Many companies overlook circumstances that Johnny On The Spot considers a priority. For instance, taking care of a child at a large event can be tiresome, and even small considerations like a baby changing station can make all the difference for one of your patrons. Johnny On The Spot offers baby changing stations that are great for events like fairs. Safe and clean stations for changing diapers will be a big help to parents are your next event. Changing stations come equipped with a changing table, mirror, trash receptacle and foot pump sink with soap and paper towels.

Pair any of these services with any variety of the portable restrooms from Johnny On The Spot. Try our Celebrity Restrooms for an elegant experience or Luxury Restroom Trailers for the most convenient experience.

If you are interested in trying our restroom attendant services, contact Johnny On The Spot today, or call us at 1-800-491-5687. Ask us about a free consultation if you’re not sure what you need for you events!

Need for Portable Sanitation Outdoes Hillary Clinton, Politics in Iowa

September 23rd, 2014

Iowa made headlines earlier this week when Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd of 5,000 people at the Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola. She hinted at her possible candidacy for the upcoming presidential election when she announced, "I'm back!" However, the real story was almost overlooked during all the political hubbub: a lack of portable restrooms.

We’re not sure how Hillary grabbed all the attention when innocent people were left on long lines. All the big media outlets were talking about the Clintons. Thankfully, at least one journalistic organization realized the importance of portable sanitation.

According to the Des Moines Register, lines for the portable restrooms were as high as 60 people long. The crowd of approximately 5,000 was forced to rely on just six portable restrooms on the west side of the event. This portable restroom disaster resulted in 30-minute waits in many cases. Meanwhile, a line of 100 people was seen on the east side attempting to use a restroom trailer.

At Johnny On The Spot, we don’t like to hear about large events with deficiencies in portable restroom access. That's why we offer a variety of solutions for every type of party or outdoor event, and when you’re unsure of just how many portable restrooms you need, we’ll give you a hand. We will send one of our representatives to offer their expert advice and make a recommendation.

For a better idea of how many portable toilets you might need for your next event, take a look at this useful Special Event Extended Chart Breakdown provided by Portable Sanitation Association International. Johnny On The Spot representatives will always be sure to recommend the highest quality and most affordable options for special events.

Johnny On The Spot offers many quality solutions for large events. We even carry some portable restrooms that the Clintons might feel comfortable using. For the classiest scenarios, try our Celebrity Restroom. This feat of portable sanitation comes with flushing toilets, foot pump sinks, waste paper baskets, mirrors, artificial flowers, solar lights, magazine racks, coat hooks and a perfumed fragrance that greets you at the door.

Of course, Johnny On The Spot also carries Standard Restrooms. Despite its name, the Standard Restroom is anything but standard. We are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with our Standard Restroom Design. It will steal the show at any event – even if someone like Hillary Clinton tries to steal the show again.

Also, don’t forget about temporary fencing and barricade fencing. They can make an event planner’s job much easier.

If you are interested in any of our services or products, contact Johnny On The Spot Today! You can also reach us at 1-800-491-5687 for more information.

Don’t forget to ask us about a free consultation. We will send one of our representatives out to your location to help you decide which products would work best for your next event.

Temporary Fencing for Oktoberfest, Beer Gardens and Other Outdoor Events

September 18th, 2014

It's getting close to that special autumn holiday. No, we're not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving. We're talking about Oktoberfest.

Even though the traditional German holiday is called Oktoberfest, it actually begins in September. So, if you're in charge of organizing a special event for the holiday, don't delay your preparations. Temporary Fencing from Johnny On The Spot can be a huge help to you and your business.

Beer gardens have become increasingly popular (as has celebrating Oktoberfest) in the United States. But, while these outdoor beer venues are enjoyable, they can make crowd control quite difficult. While you might want to increase staff and security, Temporary Fencing can actually help your current staff keep control and limit liabilities. Crowd control is extremely important when it comes to serving alcohol, especially during large events.

In addition to Temporary Fencing, Johnny On The Spot also carries products like barricade fencing. Both of these products can be useful to bar and restaurant owners during Oktoberfest and other outdoor events. Each serves a specific purpose and both can also be used in conjunction with one another for the best results. If you aren't sure what you're going to need this Oktoberfest, ask Johnny On The Spot to help! We will send one of our representatives to your place of business for a free consultation to help advise you on the best solution for your Temporary Fencing needs.

Our Temporary Fencing comes in 6X10 or 8X10 panels, depending on what you are looking for. We can also provide sand bags, privacy screens and gates for any kind of outdoor event.

Fun Fact

Did you know Oktoberfest has been celebrated since 1810? The festival celebrates the marriage of King Ludwig I and Therese Saxe-Hildburghausen. Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated for 17 or 18 days (depending on the year) and ends on October 1st or 2nd. Around 7 million liters of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest each year in Munich alone.

That's a lot of beer. You probably won't be serving nearly as much beer at your Oktoberfest event, but your outdoor beer garden could always benefit from some additional restrooms for patrons.

In addition to Temporary Fencing and barricade fencing, you might also want to look at the portable restrooms offered by Johnny On The Spot. We have several solutions for sanitation at large outdoor events, including Standard Restrooms, Celebrity Restrooms, Luxury Restroom Trailers and Deluxe Restrooms. Each of these products would work well in any beer garden this fall. If you're still not sure, don't forget to ask one of our representatives to help you decide what would work best.

If you would like to find out more about Johnny On The Spot and our products, contact us for your next outdoor event here, or call 1-800-491-5687.

Portable Restroom Rentals And Barricade Fencing for Large Events

September 15th, 2014

Have you ever held a large event and realized too late that you had forgotten or underestimated one of the most essential services for your attendees? If you've made this mistake before then you may already know we're talking about portable restrooms. Providing for necessary sanitation needs is a critical, yet unglamorous task, and is often overlooked in favor of the more visible elements when planning a big event.

Johnny On The Spot will take care of the hard work of managing your portable restroom plan, so you don't need to worry about it. You have enough on your plate as it is with all of your other event details. Just keep in mind that sufficient quality portable restrooms can affect your event's success in a big way. Take a look at this negative review of the Made In America music festival in Los Angeles:

Public restrooms were limited the James Dean Stage-side of Grand Park, which meant there was nowhere to go if you wanted to stake your claim by the Marilyn and Dylan stages. The lone Porta-Potty stall by the first aid tent guarded by security in front of the Marilyn stage wasn't allowed for public use. There also weren't enough Porta-Pottys in the beer garden, which meant one heck of a line and no toilet paper by sundown. For today, find a stall and remember how to get there quick.

Planning a large event requires a coordinated effort to make sure everything gets done the right way. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our customers to make sure that everything they need has been taken care of in a timely fashion. If you're not sure what you might require, a representative for Johnny On The Spot will come out to you and make a professional recommendation. We will help you determine the quantity of portable restrooms needed, the type, be it the standard restroom, the celebrity restroom or a luxury restroom trailer, and the ideal location(s) based on your venue.

We also provide temporary and barricade fencing for all types of outdoor events. Barricade fencing makes it easier to control long lines of people and creates a safe and organized environment for your patrons. It also ensures to organize cars and ease traffic flow in overcrowded parking lots.

If you expect a big crowd, make sure you look at both of these products. They can be the difference between a successful event and a not-so-successful one.

No matter what your event is, use Johnny On The Spot to help everything go smoothly. We're here to help make sure you have one less thing to worry about.

Don't hesitate to contact us or call us at 1-800-491-5687 for more information about our portable restrooms.

Portaoke: The Art of Singing in a Portable Restroom

September 11th, 2014

There's a traveling national cycling festival called the Tour De Fat and it has an attraction that we're pretty fond of: portaoke. What is portaoke? It's exactly what it sounds like, it's the art of singing along to classic hits while in a porta potty!

Here at Johnny On The Spot, we always like when a portable restroom gets some attention. Unfortunately, it seems like showers get all the credit for being the best place to sing. We're hoping that portaoke catches on so that portable restrooms start getting some of the credit they deserve. (They have surprisingly good acoustics.) Give it a try next time you're using a standard restroom from Johnny On The Spot.

The Tour De Fat is still going strong through this fall in case you were wondering how you could get in on the portaoke action. The tour rolls through Denver, Colorado on Sept. 6 before continuing on to San Francisco, San Diego and Tempe, Arizona. If you don't think you'll be able to make it out to any of those cities in the near future, you'll just have to try singing in one of our portable restrooms.

Keep in mind, you can rent Johnny On The Spot portable restrooms for any occasion. Although karaoke is not actually permitted in our portable restrooms, they are perfect for big parties and outdoor events. Celebrity Restrooms and Luxury Restroom Trailers are especially good for special events. We'll even send someone out to give you a free consultation if you're not quite sure what it is you're going to need.

We also carry barricade fencing for special events, which works wonders to help keep larger events better contained while ensuring public safety. It's perfect for crowd control at larger events like road races, carnivals and concerts.

Portable restroom singing sounds like a good time, and if you really would like to give it a go, we suggest you try belting out some tunes in our Celebrity Restroom. Just make believe you're Kanye West or Jay-Z rapping, "Watch the Portable Throne." Get it?

OK, that was a pretty terrible joke, but its not too farfetched considering the amenities that Johnny On The Spot Celebrity Restrooms come equipped with. Each one has a welcome mat and artificial flowers to make you feel like a VIP at any event. They come with perfumed fragrances and coat hooks to make your experience much more enjoyable.

While we do not allow doing actual karaoke in one of our portable restrooms, singing a tune to yourself is completely legitimate in our book . If you want to do real portaoke, you'll have to catch up with the Tour De Fat. To give you an idea of what you should expect once you get there, check out this gem.

For more information on products for special events by Johnny On The Spot like Celebrity Restrooms or Luxury Restroom Trailers, contact us or call us at 1-800-491-5687.

Portable Restrooms for Back to School Events

September 9th, 2014

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting, yet challenging for not only students and parents, but also teachers and faculty. On top of the traditional workload, school administration also needs to prepare for the countless extracurricular activities, from after-school events and pep rallies to outdoor autumn festivities and sporting events. Planning each of these events can be a lot to deal with, and finding the right sanitation company can help make your fall planning easier. No matter the occasion, Johnny On The Spot can offer assistance in multiple areas.

Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms are one of those things that nobody notices until something goes wrong. Don't overlook this crucial element of your back-to-school or fall events. Every outdoor event could be improved by quality, sanitary portable restrooms. When you are planning your school's next big outdoor event, call in the experts at Johnny On The Spot to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

By choosing from the many well-appointed portable bathrooms from Johnny On The Spot, such as the Deluxe or the Celebrity, your outdoor event will be fully equipped with all of the sanitation amenities that it requires. We can even save you the need to open up the school after hours by providing complete restroom facilities.

Additionally, you can avoid extra janitorial cleanup services by taking advantage of Johnny On The Spot's portable restrooms. Thanks to our services, school janitorial staff doesn't have to worry about any additional messes. We'll pick up the portable restrooms after your event is over, taking one more thing off your staff's plate.

Barricade Fencing

Many outdoor events require some sort of temporary barricade fencing. Barricade fencing helps to keep your outdoor school events organized and maintain safety. With students running around outside it's always nice to have a helping hand. Johnny On The Spot provides quality barricade fencing for events of all kinds and sizes.

Barricade fencing has the potential to be pretty useful. For instance, at school festivals and similar events, barricade fencing can be used to create order with neat lines. It also helps organize parking lots in case you need to section off parking for teachers, visiting schools, special guests or other employees during big events.

If you are in charge of organizing your school's festivities, be sure to contact Johnny On The Spot. Safety is one of the most important issues facing schools today. It can be extremely tough to organize a fun event without the necessary equipment, but a simple, smart addition like barricade fencing can greatly improve not only the safety and security of your event, but enhance students' actual enjoyment.

Make the smart choice and contact us for a free on-site consultation. If you're unsure of how many portable bathrooms or how much fencing you might need, the knowledgeable employees at Johnny On The Spot will help determine exactly what your school needs and make sure your fall events are a success.

Why You Need Portable Restrooms for High School Sporting Events

September 3rd, 2014

Are you ready for some football?

Yes, it's that time of year again. The high school football season is getting set to kick off. But is your school prepared?

We're sure that your team is going to have a successful season, and the more you win, the more people you'll find in your bleachers for game day. The snack stand is ready to sell the soda and the Gatorade, but do you have enough portable restrooms for high school sporting events?

The last thing school officials need to deal with are upset parents or an angry fans, due to insufficient portable restrooms for high school sporting events. Your students, and their friends and family want to spend their time cheering on the home team, not waiting on line for the bathroom. Make the game more enjoyable with one call to Johnny On The Spot for your portable restroom needs.

The Deluxe Restrooms offered by Johnny on the Spot are the perfect fit for seasonal purposes. Equipped with flushing toilets, sinks, running water, hand towels with soap and waste paper baskets, these facilities are ideal for game day usage. If your school, field or sports facility doesn't have the necessary restrooms to accommodate fans, friends, parents and other family members, then Johnny On The Spot can help. We've been working with schools and parks in NJ, NY and PA for years and understand how to address all your portable bathroom and sanitation needs.

Johnny on the Spot offers the most convenient portable restroom service around.. We'll drive our porta potties directly to your stadium for a fast and easy delivery. Choose to leave your portable restrooms on site all season long, or arrange pick up and drop off just for game days.

The influx of people during football season requires an additional focus on safety and crowd management, in addition to heightened bathroom needs. Don't forget to safeguard your team and your fans with quality temporary fencing and barricade fencing.

Johnny on the Spot offers barricade fencing for events such as festivals, carnivals, parades, as well as sporting events. During games, your parking lot can get kind of crazy when fans come looking for parking. Use barricade fencing to control the chaos.

If you're not sure exactly what type of fencing you need, or how much, have someone from Johnny On The Spot come out assess your needs. We'll provide a free inspection and deliver your fencing as soon as possible. We have the experience to guide you through the process, from ordering to set up and take down.

If you think you and your school might benefit from portable restrooms for sporting events or barricade fencing, then contact us today!