Porta Potties for Going Green

The green movement is one that is definitely here to stay. Everything from cars to homes to household products has been transformed to be more environmentally friendly. Porta potties are no different. Not only are porta potties already environmentally friendly, but there are many ways from their use to their maintenance where improvements have been made that make them a green product. Porta potties can also be implemented at parties and events where there is a theme of going green.

Porta Potties in Themselves are Green

The great thing about porta potties is that they are already considered environmentally friendly. Unlike permanent, indoor restrooms, porta potties use less water. Conventional toilets use a significantly greater amount of clean water per use. Using less water makes porta potties as a product environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products for Porta Potties

Everything down to the cleaning products for porta potties should be environmentally friendly. There are chemicals for actually cleaning the facilities and there are chemicals inside the facility, such as in the holding tank. The chemicals in conventional products may not only cause harm to the environment, but to human health as well. Some key ingredients in certain cleaners can cause cancer, affect neurons and brain activity, and cause problems with reproduction, development, growth, and behavior. That is why it is important that people use environmentally friendly cleaning products, even for cleaning portable toilets. The cleaning products will usually not contain formaldehyde or alcohol and will be nontoxic. Many companies offer the services of a restroom service attendant to work during events. The restroom service attendants work to keep the porta potties clean and sanitary while the event is in progress. The attendants will use environmentally friendly cleaning products to protect everyone at the event from harmful chemicals in other cleaning products.

Porta Potties for Green Events

Many types of events that are held throughout the year have themes associated with them. The theme of “going green” is one that is becoming more and more popular. Many people who are planning events of any size may prefer to keep everything associated with the event green and environmentally friendly. Everything from the planning of the event to the event itself to the cleanup and any post-event activities can be green friendly. For example, the person(s) in charge of the event can keep the paper to a minimum. An iPad or similar device is ideal because documents with important event information can be stored and the iPad is compact enough that it can be taken anywhere. At the event, porta potties should be rented to continue with the environmental protection efforts. Less water is used or wasted with porta potties so they are an obvious choice, especially for large parties and events. For pre- and post-event messages to guests, utilize email rather than sending paper invitations and thank you cards through the mail. Communicating with guests via email is great for keeping with the going green theme.