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“Permanent” Porta Potty Rentals

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Whether porta potty rentals are needed at a location due to construction or in place of in-building restrooms, many companies are considering more "permanent" units .

Why "Permanent" Porta Potty Rentals?

A big consideration for the use of porta potty rentals is if an older septic system is currently in place. Whether looking for a replacement for a septic system or for use during a septic repair, a more permanent porta potty is a solution that can meet the needs and comfort of all employees.

Permanent porta potty rentals function just like a permanent in-building restrooms. They include individual stalls, running water, flushing toilets, vanities, mirrors and lighting. The size of the porta potty rentals will vary depending on the number of employees that it will need to accommodate. Most porta potty rental companies can provide specific guidance on what is needed, as well as if any regulations are in place that will need to be considered and followed in an effort to avoid any potential fines.

Oftentimes, after speaking with a porta potty rental representative, it is best to request an on-site evaluation. These professionals can provide additional suggestions once the individual can review the site in-person. Once the representative has been able to review the location, recommendations can be made on the placement of the porta potty rentals as well as how often maintenance should occur, which includes pumping of the unit. The onsite visit also gives the potential renter an additional opportunity to ask more questions about the rental units.

Keeping Porta Potty Rentals Sanitary

Some employees might be concerned about the use of porta potty rentals in lieu of permanent bathroom facilities due to the historical views of porta potties. Many may wonder if they are sanitary. While in the past this may have been a valid concern, today nothing could be further from the truth. These are comfortable, clean units that will be regularly maintained by the porta potty rental company in an effort to ensure that the units stay sanitary and comfortable for all to use.

If there are any serious concerns from employees regarding the use of porta potty rentals, it may be worthwhile to allow for questions from them during the porta potty rental representative’s visit. By answering their questions for a few minutes, it may ease concerns for the long run.