World Portable Sanitation Day August 15 2016


Johnny on the Spot, LLC (JOTS) is proud to celebrate, in conjunction with the Portable Sanitation Association International(PSAI) and parent company United Site Services, the 3rd annual World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD), recognized on August 15th.

The goal of WPSD is to raise awareness for sustainable sanitation on a global scale and promote the benefits that portable restrooms provide to people and our environment. The awareness campaign is highlighted by several key elements including:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.6 billion people (roughly a third of the world’s population) lack access to adequate sanitation.Johnny on the Spot Celebrates World Portable Sanitation Day
  • Portable restrooms save an estimated 125 million gallons of water daily.
  • Portable restrooms help protect natural resources from contamination.
  • Portable restrooms provide sanitation to an estimated 200 million victims of natural disasters each year, where access to existing sanitation systems has been compromised.

Johnny on the Spot is embracing World Portable Sanitation Day by sharing the benefits of portable sanitation with clients and asking others to share information regarding WPSD through the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.