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Though every customer’s needs are unique, many of their porta potty questions remain the same. Get all your answers to these FAQs about portable sanitation services here!

Top 10 questions about renting from Johnny on the Spot.

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Exclusively using outdoor portable toilets has many advantages. Porta johns are convenient, versatile, accessibility and ease the strain that could be placed on your septic system. All states have laws governing the number of toilets that must be present at construction sites and venues. The presence of portable bathrooms allows you to have the right amount to ensure that employees and guests are comfortable at all times. For a better idea on just how many sanitation services you may need, please consult the portable restroom usage chart or contact one of our knowledgeable representatives for assistance.

Use this portable restroom usage chart to calculate the number of porta potties you’ll need. The JOTS professionals will assist you every step of the way by tailoring our services around your specific needs. Some factors to consider when deciding on the portable sanitation solution that is right for you are:

  • Will food or alcohol be served?
  • What is the duration of the event?
  • What type of terrain is the venue located?
  • Are water or electric supplies available?

Having the flexibility to place your temporary bathroom in a variety of locations may be one of the biggest benefits of choosing portable sanitation services. Keep in mind, though, that placement does require some thought (which we can assist you with):

  • Position on dry, level ground
  • Consider accessibility – centrally located or strategically scattered
  • Keep within the vicinity of food/beverages area
  • Place within 25ft. of where a service truck can park after gaining access

Different kinds of events require different services For example, if you are serving food, consider providing a hand washing station, which is the perfect complement to standard portable restrooms and is actually provided as a Celebrity and Luxury model interior amenity. Promote proper disposal of garbage with trash receptacle boxes, secure off areas for crowd control with temporary fencing, or provide restroom attendant services and baby changing stations.

For every four temporary toilets available, one ADA approved portable restroom should be also be provided. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires 5% of all bathrooms on site to be wheelchair accessible. Having an ADA compliant porta potty at your event will ensure maximum accessibility to accommodate all guests including parents who require extra space to accompany their children to the potty. We also offer baby changing stations, which can help with events that may attract families and people with small children.

The more temporary restrooms that are available for your guests, the cleaner each toilet will be. In addition, many customers demand the highest level of service for their guests by providing a restroom attendant to maintain cleanliness and restock supplies throughout the event.

Outdoor bathrooms amenities that use fresh water are prone to freezing in the winter months. To protect against this chilling damage, JOTS uses a salt-water mixture. (Please note: the salt-water mixture may leave a white residue in certain instances, which is completely normal and sanitary.) Unfortunately, rentals that use fresh water, such as hand washing stations and Celebrity/Deluxe models, are not able to be used during the winter months. It is recommended that these portable restrooms be exchanged for ones that do not need to operate on fresh water until the cold temperatures subside. Winterization of portable water system holding tanks is also available and strongly recommended in the freezing cold months. The winterization package includes insulation and an electric heating pad all wrapped in plastic sheeting to protect the tank from freezing.

Johnny on the Spot accepts most major credit cards, check, or money order. First-time customers must pay upon delivery via check or money order. Open a commercial account by filling out a credit application to simplify your porta john rental experience.

Accidental damage and vandalism can happen to any temporary bathroom; protect yourself from unexpected expensive costs by purchasing a damage waiver. This inexpensive investment provides protective insurance against damages to the porta potties including fire, theft and vandalism.

Johnny on the Spot is proud to offer the cleanest and best temporary bathrooms, luxury restrooms and other portable toilet services in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Contact us today to get started!