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The Lookout Guard Station

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your site will be free of vandalism and unwanted visitors with the comfortable and versatile Lookout. The space saving Lookout guard station provides your security personnel with most of the luxuries a permanent or temporary building can offer at a fraction of the cost. Jobsite security has become an overwhelming concern among construction professionals who suffer losses and setbacks due to tool, material, and vehicle theft: take action against it with the Lookout!

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  • 4' W x 4' D x 7' H Polyethylene Cabana
  • Translucent Roof & Bird Cage Style Ventilation on (3) Walls
  • Sliding Tinted Windows on (3) Walls
  • Solar Light with Switch
  • Moisture Tight Portal for Extension Cord Use (heater or fan)
  • (2) Corner Shelving Units
  • Tractor Seat Style Adjustable Stool (for an additional charge)
  • Wall Pocket Document Holder (clipboard, credentials storage)
  • Exterior Latch for Padlocking

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