Hand & Body Hygiene Solutions

Johnny on the Spot is committed to providing the finest portable restroom and sanitation services including hand washing stations.

It’s no secret that proper hand washing is important in helping to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

JOTS portable Hand Washing Stations and Hand Sanitizer Stands are a great addition to construction sites or special events such as weddings, fairs, concerts, food festivals, as well as seasonal sites like farm stands, summer camps and beach clubs.

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JOTS helps you and your guests stay clean no matter where you are

Hand Wash Sink Help your guests stay clean and germ-free with Johnny on the Spot's Hand Wash Sink. The delayed action faucet promotes good hygiene by allowing both hands to be washed simultaneously. Soap, towels and trash bags are delivered with every sink!

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Hand Sanitizer Stand “Spenser” Hand Cleanser stations provide patrons with an easy and convenient way to disinfect their hands when a water source is unavailable. Dispensing hand sanitizer gel on demand, these cleansing stations are ideal for scattering throughout…
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