Safety on the Spot


Here at Johnny on the Spot, we realize the work we do is potentially hazardous.  We strive to comply with exceed the on-site safety expectations of our customers to minimize the risk of injury.

All of our employees are subject to, and abide by, our comprehensive incentive based safety program.

Safety Program Highlights

  • Incentivized safety bonus / award program to encourage a safety oriented corporate culture
  • Random truck inspections prior to drivers leaving the facility
  • Regularly scheduled Site Safety Audits at all branches
  • Full D.O.T. and OSHA compliance
  • Periodic ride-a-longs and surveillance by management
  • Daily Route Check-Ins with supervisors at the end of every day to ensure there are no safety challenges in the field and if so how to address them properly
  • Safety Committee / Accident Review Board to maintain compliance and accountability
  • Quarterly Tailgate Meeting driver speakers
  • Monthly safety meetings to educate employees
  • Timely accident review by committee –  Accident Review Board
  • Random truck inspections
  • Training programs for all on-boarding employees
  • Continuous education program to update employees on regulations and standard operating procedures
  • Maintained and updated safety plan available for all employees